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NCH business formation, asset protection, and small business advisors are parallel to none. Get to know the talented experts who’ll help you go from business idea to open for business.

  • cort-christie

    Cort W. Christie

    Cort W. Christie is the Founder and CEO of NCH, a skilled entrepreneur, executive, author, and speaker.

  • kurt-harris

    Kurt Harris, Esq.

    Kurt Harris, Esq. founded Harris Law Office on the fundamental principles of fair and honest representation.

  • Corporate Analyst Division

  • david-vanlandingham

    David Vanlandingham

    David Vanlandingham is the Corporate Analyst Division Manager and International Speaker for Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc.

  • adam-kintigh

    Adam Kintigh

    Adam Kintigh currently serves as an Executive Corporate Analyst for NCH, dedicated to providing exceptional service and knowledge for business owners and investors.

  • cody-lawson

    Cody Lawson

    Cody Lawson currently serves as an Executive Corporate Analyst for NCH.

  • david-chafkar

    David Chafkar

    David Chafkar is currently serving as Executive Corporate Analyst of Business Development with Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc.

  • carlos-espinel

    Carlos Espinel

    Carlos Espinel currently serves as an Executive Corporate Analyst for NCH.

  • joe-buzako

    Joe Buzako

    Joe Buzako currently serves as an Executive Corporate Analyst for NCH.

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  • Find potential problems before they become major issues
  • Develop a game plan for improving asset protection and minimizing tax liability
  • Reduce your exposure in the event of a business accident

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