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You don’t need to live in Nevada to enjoy the best asset protection and audit defense a Nevada LLC can provide.

Over 250,000+ businesses have trusted NCH to form their Nevada LLCs.

Nevada LLCs are the #1 Choice for American Businesses & Investors

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LLCs cut IRS audit odds by 7 times

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No personal liability from LLC debts or damages

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Nevada is the best state to incorporate,
regardless of where you live.

Nevada Edge

The Nevada Edge explores the benefits of incorporating in Nevada and provides you with a solid foundation of building a successful business.

  • Five Reasons why everyone should own a Nevada LLC

  • Six Secret start-up tax savings strategies

  • Twelve Ways a Nevada LLC will protect you and your assets

  • Seven Critical steps to attract business funding

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Nevada Corporate Headquarters Inc. (NCH) offers comprehensive business formation services to entrepreneurs and investors looking to set up a business in Nevada. NCH's commitment to your business extends beyond just managing paperwork; we act as your trusted partners, providing support in areas such as tax compliance, credit building, and payroll management. Our expertise in business formation enables us to offer you peace of mind, knowing that everything is handled with care by a team of professionals.

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    The road to asset protection and tax advantages starts in Nevada. Form your Nevada LLC in 24 hrs with our all-inclusive Premier package.

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    Grow Your Business and Investments

    Build your business credit to secure funding, optimize tax strategies, and more. Your complete solution for success.

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    Protect Your Wealth

    Safeguard your financial legacy through strategic structuring. Your path to security begins here.

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NCH is the ONLY 5-Star Rated Business Formation Company

NCH has taken all the stress out of the structure and paperwork side to keep the business legal and on track. I promise, you will sleep soundly knowing they have your best interest in mind.

-Aaron L.

  • NCH has always been great with customer service and keeping us up to date with all of our LLC filings.

    - Lana P.

  • Easy and painless. They do all the work for you and I am very confident they have my best interest at heart. They are very professional, reliable, friendly and patient.

    - Nicolette J.

  • If you are looking for help setting up your business, building business credit or protecting your assets, look no further. They are the best!”

    - Carlee K.

  • Timely reminders and very pleasant helpful employees. I was never left to look it up myself when there was a question they didn't know, they were very helpful and looked it up.

    - Chase M

  • Working with NCH has been an amazing experience. It has opened doors to new learning possibilities. NCH has experienced coaches and representatives. Top five rating on my scale.

    - Vossa D.

  • Amazing job with my walk through, very friendly and knowledgeable! Made the experience go easy and smooth.

    - Chris J

Join Over 250,000 Successful Businesses
That Have Trusted NCH

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NCH has filled all our varied needs at all times and we highly recommend them.
In our dealings with NCH, they have guided us through many steps of incorporation and have ultimately given sound advice and references to seasoned tax professionals. We have initiated close to ten separate corporations, LLCs and other entities with the assistance of the NCH staff.”

- Rockstar’s former CFO & COO, Janet A Weiner

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Form a Nevada LLC with NCH

Nevada Corporate Headquarters (NCH) is the leading provider for the formation of Corporations and LLCs. Our mission is to get your business up and running within 24 hours, with the right structure and protection in place.

As the ONLY 5-Star Rated Business Formation Company and having to form over 250,000+ entities across the nation, we are dedicated to providing exceptional guidance and support so you can focus on what is most important – building and growing your business. Our services cover it all: Tax Prep, Payroll, Estate Planning, Business Credit, and Real Estate Trusts, all aimed at growing your business and securing your assets.

  • NCH Money Back Guarantee

    Receive your Nevada LLC in 24 hours or it’s FREE*, no questions asked! Let's start your Nevada LLC today.

  • A Proven Track Record Of Success

    We’re an industry leader in business formation, ensuring your business is properly setup to give you ultimate protection.

  • Personalized Guidance & Support

    You are our top priority, so we work with you every step of the way to help you reach your business goals.

  • 5-Star Customer Service

    NCH prides itself in providing exceptional service with a genuine desire to help you succeed. Check out our 5-star ratings on Google, Reach 150 and Trust Pilot.

  • Commitment to

    We settle for nothing less than the best and are always seeking to grow, improve and add value. If you’re not satisfied, neither are we.

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A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a legal business structure that combines the flexibility and simplicity of a partnership or sole proprietorship with the liability protection of a corporation. It offers owners, known as members, limited personal liability for the company's debts and obligations, shielding their personal assets from business-related liabilities. LLCs are popular among small businesses and startups due to their ease of formation, minimal administrative requirements, and the ability to choose how they're taxed, either as a sole proprietorship, partnership, S corporation, or C corporation. This structure has become widely adopted due to its advantageous blend of liability protection, tax flexibility, and simplified management.

Forming an LLC involves several steps to establish your business entity. Here are four essential steps to guide you through the process:

  • Choose a unique name and confirm availability.
  • File Articles of Organization with the state.
  • Appoint a registered agent with a local address.
  • Obtaining any necessary business licenses and permits.

NCH is here to ensure a seamless process, with dependable business experts ready to assist you throughout each phase.

Creating an LLC brings two main benefits: protection and flexibility. It guards your personal assets from business debts. Plus, it lets you choose how to pay taxes in a way that suits your money plans. Also, it's simpler to run with minimal paperwork requirements, making it exceptionally suitable for small businesses.

The cost of establishing an LLC can vary depending on factors such as the state you're registering in and any additional services you may require. Generally, you can expect to pay filing fees to your state's business registration agency, which can range from around $50 to a few hundred dollars. There might be ongoing costs such as annual report fees or taxes, and optional expenses could include legal assistance or professional consultation, impacting the overall cost of forming and maintaining an LLC.

The time it takes to establish an LLC depends on several variables, including your state's processing speed, completeness of documentation, and chosen filing method.  Typically, the process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Factors like accurate documentation, availability of required information, and any additional processing requests can also influence the overall duration.


LLC: Members report business profits and losses on their personal tax returns; flexible taxation options.
S-corp: Shareholders receive salaries subject to payroll taxes, with remaining profits distributed as dividends, potentially reducing self-employment tax.

Ownership and Structure:

LLC: Ownership in terms of membership interests; flexible management structure.
S-corp: Owned by shareholders with a board of directors; more rigid management structure.

Limitation on Owners:

LLC: No restrictions on ownership types or numbers.
S-corp: Limited to 100 shareholders, who must be U.S. citizens or residents.

Corporate Formalities:

LLC: Less strict formalities and record-keeping.
S-corp: Requires regular meetings, minutes, and compliance with more corporate formalities.

Why form your LLC in Nevada?

As a premier business destination, Nevada offers a favorable tax climate, flexible and business-friendly laws, and strong privacy protections. Take advantage of everything Nevada has to offer and see how it compares to other states.

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