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- Romney Ellis

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Building Business Credit: Your Key to Success

If you're running a business, having a solid financial foundation cannot be understated. You need enough capital to grow, expand your startup, and improve your business's financial health; this is where Business Credit Building comes in.

An excellent business credit profile shows you're trustworthy, responsible, and reliable. It opens your doors to better financing options, partnerships, and growth opportunities.

So, let's dive in and discover how to form a solid business credit profile with NCH.

What is Business Credit?

Like you, your business has its own credit profile. It reflects your startup's fiscal responsibility, and vendors and lenders use it to determine whether your business is a suitable candidate for loans or partnerships.

Building a strong business credit profile can be challenging. It requires a lot of work and a deep understanding of credit. Luckily, NCH's Business Credit Builders are here to help you with everything, from opening a business bank account to qualifying for a business loan.

When you work with us, you'll learn:

  • Your rights as a business owner to see your credit reports
  • Who are the largest business credit bureaus
  • The different criteria lenders use
  • How business credit scores are calculated and their meanings
  • Which companies offer credit to startups, and how to get them
  • Which lenders report business credit bureaus
  • Which lenders don't require personal guarantees

Why is building business credit important?

Funding is essential for growing businesses. Most entrepreneurs would start their ventures using their personal finances or assets. However, this approach isn't sustainable. Once your business takes off, you'll need more funding to keep going.

You could introduce new shareholders into your corporation to expand your financial resources, but that won’t guarantee that everyone is willing to share control of their business with others.

Ultimately, having an excellent business credit profile is the best way to go. Not only will it help you secure more funding, but it can also bring you better rates and deals in the long run.

Business Credit Tools Offered

When you work with our Business Credit Builders, they'll first analyze your current FICO score and Paydex score. These scores will give us a better idea of where to begin.

Our business credit evaluation process is designed to turn your company into a suitable applicant for loans. Through this service, we'll improve your business credit profile using efficient strategies developed by our credit experts.

Here are some of the other Business Credit Building tools we offer:

Looking to boost your business credit? NCH offers expert credit-building solutions tailored to your company's needs. Build your Business Credit profile and contact us today at 1-800-508-1729 for a FREE Consultation!