Tax Resolution

Are you more than $10,000 in debt? Haven’t filed your taxes in years? NCH and Business Tax Solutions are here to help you resolve your back-tax debt.

Tax resolution involves settling back-tax debt the IRS says you owe. We approach this issue from both the legal and accounting side. It’s our experience, integrity, and history of proven results that distinguishes our team from the competition. We review every case strategically, starting with an in-depth analysis to find out if you qualify for tax relief.

Who benefits from Tax Resolution Services?

  • Those who have not filed taxes for years and have no idea how much they owe
  • Individuals $10,000 or more in tax debt
  • Anyone, including businesses, who have not remitted payroll taxes to the government
  • Divorced or widowed persons whose spouse owned a business and now they’re left owing money
  • Any self-employed persons (i.e. contractors, truck drivers, daycare owners, etc.) as these individuals don't pay the government for the taxes associated with their pay

To learn more about tax resolution or our business tax preparation services, please call 1-800-508-1729.

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