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Nevada is #1 in Lawsuit Protection

Launch Your Dream Business & Form A Nevada LLC Today

Launch Your Dream Business & Form A Nevada LLC Today

You don’t need to live in Nevada to enjoy the best asset and lawsuit protection a Nevada-registered LLC can provide

Nevada LLC

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Best Choice

  • Higher level of privacy, doesn't require member names to be disclosed publicly.

  • Moderate filing fees and annual report costs.

  • No state franchise tax.

  • No state income tax.

  • Annual reports are required, but relatively easy to file.

  • Business-friendly laws and a well-established legal framework.

  • Strong asset protection laws for LLC members.

  • Provides charging order protection for LLC members.

  • Non-residents can own an LLC without restrictions.

  • You don't need to be physically present in Nevada to form or run an LLC.

  • Offers the option to form a Series LLC.

  • Known for its pro-business environment.

Wyoming LLC

Good Choice

  • Strong privacy protection, doesn't require member names to be disclosed publicly.

  • Relatively low filing fees and annual report costs.

  • No state franchise tax.

  • No state income tax.

  • Simple and straightforward process.

  • Business-friendly laws and a well-established legal framework.

  • Strong asset protection laws for LLC members.

  • Provides charging order protection for LLC members.

  • Non-residents can own an LLC without restrictions.

  • You don't need to be physically present in Nevada to form or run an LLC.

  • Offers the option to form a Series LLC.

  • Known for its pro-business environment.

What is a Limited Liability Company?

  • In today's “lawsuit-happy” environment, having a legal shield between you and your business is more important than ever. As a separate entity, LLCs do just that. There’s limited liability for any LLC debts, even if they relate to a contract or tort. This business structure protects your personal assets from liabilities incurred by the business.

    LLCs are also easy to run and manage, with no limitations regarding how many members can be involved or where they’re located. Formed on the Freedom to Contract principle, owners need to agree among themselves on how to run the company, and courts will uphold that agreement. Even better, with an LLC, no law requires resolutions, amendments, meeting minutes, or annual board meetings.

Understanding a Limited Liability Company

  • Many states don’t have strict regulations on who can become an owner of an LLC. Everyone, including individuals, corporations, and foreign entities, can be a member.

    LLC is a formal business organization that requires the articles of organization to be filed with the states. Many individuals favor it more as it is easier to set up than a corporation and provides more protection for its owners.

    One of the most significant reasons owners prefer LLCs is that federal taxes are not paid directly. Instead, the owner’s personal tax returns report these profits and losses.

LLC vs Other Business Types

  • It should be noted that an LLC protects its owners from liabilities, legal actions, and business debts faced by their businesses. This means their assets are safeguarded, and their personal possession cannot be used to pay for them.

LLC vs Sole Proprietorship

  • The main difference between these two types of ownership is the number of owners. An LLC can also appoint a manager, whereas the sole proprietor is the one to perform its responsibilities.

LLC vs Partnership

  • While there is no limit to how many owners an LLC can have, it can still be owned by a single person. Meanwhile, a partnership needs at least two members to be formed. No documents or paperwork are needed for a partnership formation, but an LLC must obtain a certificate in the state where it will be established.

LLC vs Corporations

  • An LLC is owned by one or more individuals called members, whereas shareholders own a corporation. The latter can issue stock and sell percentages to its owners, which they can practice according to how they see fit, such as transferring shares, purchasing more stock for larger company ownership, or selling to own less.

    These two entity types also differ in their management: an LLC is flexible, while a corporation is more strict. Anyone can manage an LLC, but a corporation must have a Board of Directors to handle daily operations.

Forming an LLC

  • Starting an LLC varies by state as they have different requirements, but there are general things you must do.

    First and foremost, owners and members must agree on a name for their company. Afterward, the LLC’s articles of organization must be documented and filed with the state. These legal papers indicate the obligations of each member of the LLC, such as their rights, powers, duties, and liabilities.

    The documents also include the names and addresses of your LLC’s members, the registered agent of your business, and a statement of purpose. You must pay a fee directly to the state and submit it at a federal level upon filing the paperwork. Doing so gives you an employer identification number or EIN.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Asset Protection
  • Tax Advantages
  • Ability to Raise Capital
  • Easy to Run


  • Only available to privately owned companies
  • Can lose pass-through tax treatment
  • Possible state-imposed income tax

Types of Limited Liability Corporations

  • Single-Member / Sole Proprietorship
    This type of LLC has an individual owner without any legal partners. The sole owner or proprietor is responsible for company transactions, taxes, and debts owed by the business, as well as dealing with any registration process and renewals.
  • Multi-Member
    Multi-member LLCs are structured similarly to general partnerships and have different owners. They are responsible for the business's obligations, but rest assured their personal assets are secured. Moreover, they can decide how to pay the venture’s taxes on their share of its profits.

    This type of ownership can either be classified as member or manager-managed. The former has its members act on the company’s behalf, provided they comply with the operating rules; the latter has its members act passively and have an outside managerial staff perform their responsibilities.
  • Series
    A series LLC has a parent company with smaller businesses within its control. Each subsidiary is its own entity with its own members, assets, and purpose. However, they are treated separately from their parent company.

    Therefore, if one subsidiary falls into debt or faces liabilities, these obligations are enforced only against that series. The others are safe and unaffected, making it a popular choice for business owners with multiple interests.
  • L3C Company
    This type of LLC is a low-profit institution with a philanthropic purpose. They have similar tax benefits to any other LLC but have the prestige and use marketing strategies of a social enterprise.
  • Anonymous
    If you want to minimize legal liability and protect your privacy, an anonymous LLC is for you. It lets you create a legal LLC structure without providing much information about its owners, managers, and other members. The investments and involvement of these individuals are restricted to public viewing.

    Currently, anonymous LLCs are only available in Delaware, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming.
  • Restricted
    This type of ownership is ideal for those looking for lower tax rates when transferring assets to family members. It follows a 10-year waiting period from organizing before they can receive business distributions.

    Consider registering your LLC in Nevada, as it is currently the only state that allows the formation of restricted LLCs.
  • PLLC
    Industries that require professional licensure can file for a PLLC. It is typically for accountants, architects, doctors, and lawyers and ensures the owners are not legally responsible for malpractice done by other owners.

LLC Cost

  • Name Reservation

    Some states require you to reserve a company name before you start filing the necessary paperwork. This would cost around $10 to $50. However, most states don’t make this obligatory.

  • Location

    Starting an LLC requires meticulous planning and deliberation of costs. Before you begin processing your LLC, you must first consider in what state you’ll register your LLC, as it affects the total amount you’ll pay.

    For instance, operating a business in Texas will only require you to pay for the state’s fees. However, starting one in Texas but registering for a Michigan LLC will entail paying both states’ fees.

  • Articles of Organization

    Another factor to consider is the “Articles of Organization” or “Certificate of Formation” fee, which varies from state to state. Your payment will go directly to the state to finalize your LLC.

    For example, Delaware has a filing fee of $90 and a recurring annual franchise tax of $300. Some states, such as Arizona, Minnesota, South Carolina, and New Mexico, have no recurring fees.

    However, some will still require you to submit an annual report to give information about your LLC, such as its status and any change of members or management.

  • Newspaper Publication

    Certain states require LLCs to publish a notice of business formation in a local newspaper, ranging from $100 to over $1000, depending on where you’ll publish it and how long it will be posted.

    Arizona and Nebraska subject LLCs to be published daily for three consecutive weeks, while New York has a longer duration of six weeks.

Find out why Nevada is the best state to
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  • Secret start-up tax savings strategies
  • Critical steps to secure business funding
  • Discover how to lawsuit-proof yourself and your business
  • Learn why you're personally at risk without the protection of a Nevada LLC
  • Step-by-step guide on how to effectively manage your business and meet legal requirements

Register your LLC in Nevada with NCH

  • Location is everything when starting a business, as it gives you an idea of your company’s chances of success. With each state’s advantages and disadvantages, you want to choose a pro-business environment with the best benefits to help you achieve your goals.

    Deciding which state isn’t easy, but you should consider forming an LLC in Nevada. It offers diverse benefits you can’t find anywhere else.

    NCH is the state’s leading business formation service provider. With our team of specialists ready to support you, you’ll register an LLC in Nevada as quickly as possible. We’ll help you find the right entity for your company and understand why starting an LLC in Nevada is your best option.

    We understand how difficult handling paperwork can be, but we’ll be dedicated to helping you with Nevada LLC forms. These official documents are required for forming an LLC in Nevada, including the Articles of Organization, which provide vital information about your business’ structure and management.

    You may also be required to accomplish additional forms and filings in applying for an LLC in Nevada, such as creating a business bank account or obtaining an Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service. Such Nevada LLC forms are necessary to comply with state regulations to establish a legally recognized LLC in the state.

    Our services go beyond paperwork — we’ll also help you with Nevada LLC forms, tax compliance, credit building, state business license application, and payroll management. Have peace of mind with our experts working by your side.

    Make the most of our private consultation services for all your tax and other legal concerns. Let’s work together to develop effective solutions to minimize tax liabilities and protect your wealth.

Start registering your LLC in Nevada with NCH. Unleash its full potential today! Call for a FREE consultation at 1-800-508-1729.

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The cost of forming an LLC can vary depending on the state where you're registering it. It typically includes fees for filing articles of organization, name reservation (if applicable), and other mandatory filings. Additionally, there may be ongoing annual fees to maintain the LLC's status. Information for fees can be found on the Secretary of State's website.

The processing time to form an LLC can vary depending on the state and the method of filing. In some places, it can take a few business days, while in others, it may take several weeks. Factors such as the accuracy of the application and the workload of the government agency processing the filings can also impact the timeline.

Forming an LLC involves several steps, which may vary depending on the state where you're registering it. Generally, the steps include:

  • Choosing a unique and compliant name for your LLC.
  • Designating a registered agent to receive legal documents on behalf of the LLC.
  • Drafting an operating agreement that outlines the internal workings and ownership structure of the LLC.
  • Obtaining any necessary business licenses and permits.

NCH is available to make the process smooth, our reliable business specialists are there to help you every step of the way.

The primary difference between an LLC (Limited Liability Company) and an S-Corp (S Corporation) lies in their tax treatment and ownership structure. An LLC is a more flexible business entity, allowing an unlimited number of members and offering a "pass-through" tax system. This means that profits and losses are passed through to the individual members, who report them on their personal tax returns. In contrast, an S-Corp is subject to more restrictions, with a maximum of 100 shareholders who must be U.S. citizens or residents, and the business itself files a separate tax return, but the entity doesn't pay federal income tax. Both entities offer limited liability protection, shielding owners' personal assets from business debts. The choice between an LLC and an S-Corp hinges on factors such as the business's size, growth aspirations, management preferences, and compliance requirements, warranting careful consideration and professional advice.

Nevada is the best state to incorporate,
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