Entity Structures

Determining the best entity structure for your new business is challenging. That’s where NCH comes in. We’ll help you choose the right structure for your business regardless of the industry.

You have enough to think about as a business owner without worrying about choosing the wrong entity structure. So, we’ve compiled a quick guide explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the different business entities available.

Keep in mind that these are general overviews. When it comes time to deciding, contact NCH for a FREE consultation. Whichever entity you choose, we’ll make sure it provides the maximum tax and asset protection benefits available.

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Business Entities at a glance

LLC status is appropriate:

  • For real estate owned for investment purposes
  • When several entities own the business
  • When the owner is seeking complete protection from personal liability

Learn more about Nevada LLCs, HERE.

C corporation status is appropriate:

  • When owners live outside the country
  • When owners live in a state with state income tax
  • When several individuals or other entities are involved in ownership

Learn more about C corporations, HERE.

S corporation status is appropriate:

  • For companies expecting start-up losses during initial years of operation
  • For companies with no intent of going public in the future
  • For owners who live in a state without personal state income tax

Learn more about S corporations, HERE.

Partnership status is appropriate:

  • For owners who want to share the decision making and liabilities
  • For owners who want less regulations
  • For owners who want to form their business quickly

Learn more about Partnership status, HERE.

Sole Proprietorship status is appropriate:

  • For owners who want simplified tax reporting
  • For owners who want more control over their business
  • For owners who want more privacy

Learn more about Sole Proprietorship status, HERE.

Non-profit status is appropriate:

  • For owners not seeking profit
  • For owners seeking tax-exempt status
  • For owners who want less expensive advertising rates

Learn more about Non-profit status, HERE.

At NCH, we’ll work with you no matter which entity you choose. If you need help selecting the entity that best suits your needs or help comparing business entities, please contact a business formation specialist today at 1-800-508-1729.

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