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Legal concerns and questions are almost certainly going to arise during the lifetime of your business. Do you have affordable access to a lawyer when you face legal questions that involve your business? Nevada Corporate Headquarters has an independent in-house law firm that can help you with legal concerns.

Most business formation companies only offer basic services to get your business started. At NCH, we offer services that go way beyond the basics. NCH has an in-house law firm that can provide a wide range of legal services. From estate and retirement planning to legal consultation, NCH can help you with most legal needs.

Here are some of the legal and wealth planning services that our in-house law firm can offer:

Estate Planning

Estate planning helps you make decisions about the distribution of your wealth that a probate judge would otherwise make for you. Estate plans are not just about preserving your wealth for your beneficiaries. They also help to plan end of life decisions as well as hospice and long term care. NCH partners with an independent legal counsel to provide many different types of estate planning, from revocable living trusts to multi-generational dynasty trusts, through our in-house independent law firm.

Family Security Trust

A Family Security Trust is a means of preserving and enhancing family wealth as it accumulates over the years. One of the 'secret weapons' of the wealthy are the use of trusts established to benefit family members. The most powerful are irrevocable trusts in which the grantor is neither the trustee nor the beneficiary. Because of that, such trusts are deemed to be outside the estate – and thus the ownership of assets held within the trust or the income earned by the trust are subject to attribution to the trust's grantor.

Privacy Trust

The Privacy Trust is a descriptive name for the legal strategies designed to achieve financial privacy goals, which is a legitimate concern for many individuals. The Privacy Trust successfully conceals ownership of bank and brokerage accounts, the family home, rental properties, and interests in other entities. If you have established a corporation, Family Limited Partnership, or Limited Liability Company for business or asset protection purposes, the Privacy Trust adds a desirable level of confidentiality to your personal affairs.

Revocable Living Trust

A Revocable Living Trust is a flexible estate planning tool that can be used in three ways: while you are living, in the event that you become incapacitated and how your property will be directed after your death. The list of property types that can be held in your living trust are almost endless and includes: your personal residence, personal bank accounts, jewelry, intellectual property, furnishings, life insurance, works of art, and collectibles.

Real Estate Privacy Trust

The Real Estate Privacy Trust (REPT) is a private agreement in which a trustee holds title to real estate for the benefit of another party or parties. The Real Estate Privacy Trust, also known as REPTS, are designed to protect landlords who are concerned with lawsuits and or privacy. REPTs are a very powerful tool for the savvy real estate investor because an REPT is a revocable living trust used specifically for holding title to real estate. The trustee holds legal title to all trust property; however the named beneficiaries retain use of the property and any income it generates.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable remainder trusts are irrevocable structures established by a donor to provide an income stream to the income beneficiary, while the public charity or private foundation receives the remainder value when the trust terminates. These "split interest" trusts are defined as amended and are normally tax-exempt.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

An Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust or ILIT is beneficial to high net worth individuals and couples. An Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust is a trust established for the purpose of purchasing and maintaining one or more life insurance policies. Typically, the insurance policy is on your life, as the Settlor of the trust. The ILIT is a very practical tax-oriented planning tool established specifically to take ownership of an insurance policy on the life of the insured. Since the primary purpose of an ILIT is estate tax reduction, it is important first that you consider to what extent you will be exposed to the estate tax.

Retirement & Succession Planning

NCH relies on a team approach from a group of professionals to make sure your business is well cared for in the present and in the future. Licensed professionals will create a personalized strategy for your tax, retirement and succession planning. This service includes corporate benefit programs, corporate insurance and retirement plans, cafeteria plans and advanced strategic planning. Each member of the team has had experience using corporations for the maximum benefit of the client.

Interested in learning more about our various legal products and services? Give NCH a call at 1-800-508-1729.

*Legal Disclaimer – Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. has prepared the content of this website for informational purposes only. It is not legal advice. Our legal services are provided by an in-house independent Nevada law firm.*


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