Business formation February 16, 2024

Registered Agent for Service of Process: A Trustworthy Legal Partner

Nowadays, the legal landscape is intricate and multifaceted, with various elements that make up the US judicial system. One of these is the appointment of a registered agent for service of process. Business entities and individuals can leverage the advantages of designating and working with one another to ensure that legal obligations are fully and […]

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Experts February 14, 2024

How to Pay Your Children!

Can you pay your kids to work for your business? 100% YES! In 2024, you can pay your children, under 18 years old, up to $14,600 without any federal income tax!   Personally, I think it’s one of my responsibilities as a parent to prepare my kids to become responsible adults and contributing members of our […]

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Experts February 6, 2024

#1 Audit Risk!

Last week I had a nice chat with a good friend Jacob, who has also been a CPA for over 35 years. “Jacob, any new changes in the tax laws worthy of talking about?” “Adam, we’ve been hammered with audit notices for clients filing a Schedule C!” Often, people start a side hustle or start businesses and don’t […]

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Business formation January 25, 2024

I Have Not Taken Depreciation on My Rentals, Is It Too Late?

We have a lot of clients who own rental properties. Some of them do not take depreciation on their properties, most do. Quite often we get someone who have not taken depreciation on their passive income properties all of a sudden want to start. The biggest question we get is, “Can I recapture depreciation for […]

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Experts January 11, 2024

Tax Time!

NCH will be a guest next week on ADPI Campus where we will dive deep into necessary steps you need to take in to maximize your tax savings!  If you’re a W-2 employee, own your home, and have no business activity, turbo tax or H&R Block will be fine. No need to overthink this. However, if […]

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