Compare Your State Vs. Nevada

Once you've decided to incorporate, the question becomes, "Where?" Select your state below to compare your state (or others) to Nevada and learn why Nevada should be your #1 choice to incorporate in.

Why incorporate in Nevada?

Incorporating your business in Nevada is one of the best decisions you can make as a business owner. Business entities help protect your assets against possible liabilities and significantly reduce the likelihood of tax audits.

Aside from this, where you incorporate your business determines the added benefits you’ll get. For instance, the State of Nevada has some of the best pro-business resolutions in the country.

The state is considered the most business-friendly across the country, with several unique statutes you won’t find in other states. Here are some advantages you can enjoy when you create an LLC in Nevada:

Tax Advantages

Businesses incorporated in Nevada don’t have to pay personal and franchise taxes. Additionally, the State of Nevada does not tax corporate shares.

Strong Asset Protection Laws

Nevada has some of the country’s strongest asset protection regulations. By incorporating in Nevada, you can protect your assets from potential liabilities and debts.

Secure Corporate Veil

LLCs in NV are protected by a corporate veil that authorities can only penetrate if the owners are found guilty of misleading illegal acts.

Allows Single-Person Corporations

One person can incorporate in NV They can serve as the President, Director, Treasurer, and Secretary of the company.

No Operating Agreements

When you incorporate in Nevada, you’re not required to follow operating agreements or have annual meetings within the state. You can operate your business wherever you are.

Comprehensive Privacy Protections

Incorporating an LLC in Nevada does not require formal information-sharing agreements with the IRS. Owners can stay anonymous for as long as they want.

Affordable Business Registration Fees

Nevada's business-friendly regulatory and tax environment, along with its focus on attracting businesses, has helped to keep business registration fees relatively low compared to other states.

The Nevada Secretary of State's office, which oversees business registrations, is committed to streamlining the process and making it as easy and affordable as possible for businesses to register and operate in the state.

No Minimum Capital Requirement

Entrepreneurs can incorporate their businesses regardless of how much capital they have. The State of Nevada has no minimum capital requirement for businesses who want to incorporate themselves.

If you’re unsure if an LLC in Nevada is right for you, there’s no need to worry. Most of Nevada’s incorporating benefits apply to all entities and structures. You can enjoy the state's great business advantages whether or not you’re an LLC owner.

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NCH is Nevada’s leading business formation services provider. Our team of specialists will provide you with all the support you need to form your business from start to finish. We’ll help you discover the right entity for your business and understand what makes the State of Nevada unique through an LLC-by-state comparison.

NCH also has business formation services that make the incorporation process much easier. We’ll help you acquire a business license and help you manage your operations from the comfort of your own home through our registered agents.

Additionally, NCH also offers private consultations for tax and legal services. Our experts will guide you through developing effective strategies for minimizing tax liabilities and preserving your wealth.

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