Comparing Nevada and Arizona LLC: Which State is Right for You?

Businesses in Nevada vs. Arizona

One of the most important factors to consider when incorporating a business is its location. Your primary location determines how high your company's chances of surviving are. It also affects how much it would cost you to run your startup.

Each state has its unique features, from low registration fees to major tax advantages. The more benefits a state offers, the better it is for your startup. If you want your company to succeed, you need to find an environment that could help you do that.

Choosing the right state for your startup isn't easy. So, to help you out, we've compared the benefits of starting an LLC in Arizona and Nevada.

This guide will show you why the Silver state is the most business-friendly state in the country.

If you need help choosing between incorporating an LLC in Nevada or Arizona, here are some of the major differences you should know before making your decision.

Business Tax Climate Ranking

According to the Tax Foundation's 2023 State Business Tax Climate Index, Arizona has significantly improved its ranking. The state went from 24th in 2021 to 19th after transitioning from a four-bracket individual income tax system to a two-bracket system.

Despite this, Nevada still holds a higher ranking than Arizona. NV is still one of the ten states with the best tax system in the country, according to the index.

High Tax Rates

Even though Arizona reduced its income tax rates from 8% to 4.5%, its corporate taxes are still higher than average. The state has a 4.9% corporate income tax rate and a 5.6% sales tax rate.

If you want to avoid these high tax rates, consider incorporating your LLC in Nevada. Unlike in Arizona, you're not required to pay corporate or personal income taxes in Nevada.

Does Not Recognize Series LLCs

Series LLCs are a special type of LLC that allows you to gather your venture's assets and put them into separate business entities. And one of the main benefits of having series LLCs is that it provides each asset you have full liability protection.

Suppose you own a handful of rental properties, and one of them is being sued by someone else. In that case, the rest of your properties in the series won't be affected.

It's an excellent solution for anyone who wants to protect their personal property. But unfortunately, Arizona is one of the many states that doesn't recognize LLCs. Though the state's regulation may change, there's no guarantee when it will happen.

If you want to explore series LLCs, there are better places to do it than Arizona.

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