David Vanlandingham

Corporate Analyst Division Manager and International Speaker

David Vanlandingham is the Corporate Analyst Division Manager and International Speaker for Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc.

Expert Advice

David became a Life Coach in 2002, specializing in career coaching with a primary focus on helping clients transition from being employees to becoming employers. While many individuals share the dream of owning a business, David’s coaching has elevated and inspired people to do much more than dream. His vast knowledge of business structuring and funding has been the catalyst for launching thousands of small businesses. David’s proven techniques continue to create entrepreneurial success all over the world.

Real Estate Guru

  • After years of being an effective Life Coach, David joined Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. as part of the elite speaker team, Corporate Analyst Division. In this position, David can pursue his true passion for speaking and coaching real estate investors for business and financial success. Coming from a successful real estate investing family, David’s personal and professional experience has solidified him as an expert in advanced structuring for real estate investors. He can fully understand the complexities that come with rehabbing and flipping homes, as well as simultaneously purchasing various investment properties. David effectively combines entity structuring with tax strategies and estate planning to provide maximum asset protection and minimal tax liability.

Real Life Superhero

  • David commutes frequently to Las Vegas for meetings and events where he additionally gets to spend time with his oldest son. David enjoys playing the guitar and loves karaoke. Because of his charming and sophisticated disposition, he is known to many as Batman in both his personal and professional circles. David continues to focus on empowering entrepreneurs, providing the necessary knowledge to become successful business owners with advanced structuring for long-term protection.

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