Adam Kintigh

Corporate Analyst Division

Adam Kintigh currently serves as an Executive Corporate Analyst for NCH, dedicated to providing exceptional service and knowledge for business owners and investors.


Adam knew at an early age he would venture head first into the business world. At 18, he embraced his first job as a licensed insurance agent with a zest for expanding his outreach. His academia at Iowa Wesleyan College and then Iowa State College of Engineering, centered on his scientific and logical mind in Mechanical Engineering, but there was no denying his exponential progression in the financial services industry. During his education, he amassed licensing in over 43 states.

A Reputation of Excellence

  • For the past two decades, Adam focused his experience and talent on helping entrepreneurs and investors launch their dream businesses with maximum asset protection. He quickly gained a reputation for his expertise in business formation services and extensive knowledge of corporate taxation and asset protection strategies. Industry professionals from all of the U.S. now defer to Adam for insight and assistance in building their corporate structures.

Unprecedented Accomplishments

  • Adam personally consulted and helped thousands of business owners and investors nationwide. He has received numerous invitations to share his knowledge at events and has been the feature speaker at the International Money Convention, World Money Convention, and countless real estate and investment seminars. For the past decade, Adam has been focused on educating Real Estate investors, stock traders, and business owners on proper entity structuring, taxation, estate planning, business credit and funding, and retirement planning.

Committed to Success

  • He has aligned himself with the nation’s leading experts in corporate taxation, estate planning, asset protection, and financial planning. His commitment to maintaining knowledge of the latest strategies and solutions continues to make Adam an expert in these fields. Adam is able to utilize this information to serve his clients and provide accurate assistance in tax and asset protection planning. Adam is devoted to developing strategies to build client’s businesses, protect their assets and minimize their taxes.

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