Marketing Tips July 9, 2020

Don’t Build Your Own Website

In this post we’ll look at the 5 cons of building your own website. #1 It takes time…a lot of time Starting a business takes time and focus—well so does building your own website. According to studies, it takes about 3 hours to design a page and the average website has around 20-25 pages. And […]

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Business formation June 25, 2020

Re-Engaging Clients After COVID

But what’s the best way to reach out to your clients and let them know you’re back in business? In this post, we’ll explore 4 ways to do this so you can stop surviving and start thriving. #1 Re-engage your clients with a Survey The shutdown changed more than just our economy—it changed people too. […]

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Marketing Tips May 28, 2020

Here’s Why You Should Publish an E-book

It seems like everywhere you turn somebody’s asking you to buy their e-book. But don’t dismiss it as gimmicky or “not for your business”. If done correctly, e-books can be great marketing tool to increase name recognition and your bottom line. Here are four reasons you should publish an e-book. Increase your exposure As a […]

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Marketing Tips March 9, 2020

4 Reasons to Run a Focus Group

At its most basic level, a focus group is a diverse group of people gathered to participate in a guided discussion about a product before it’s launched, or to provide feedback on a political campaign or TV series. The focus group organizers study the participant’s reaction for research and use those reactions to determine the value and […]

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Marketing Tips February 17, 2020

Capturing the Youth Demographic

Sadly, businesses either fail to take this demographic seriously or don’t know how to effectively target them. They don’t realize that consumers are getting younger and that this younger demographic often has thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of followers on various social media platforms. A favorable review from them or promotion of your product or […]

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