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Don’t Build Your Own Website

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Not having a website is not an option these days. That’s why DIY website builders like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and others have become extremely popular among entrepreneurs looking for a no-fuss way to create a web presence. While this option has a number of pros, it comes with some serious cons that you need to consider before you forego hiring a professional.

July 9, 2020
Author: Amber Ornelas

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In this post we’ll look at the 5 cons of building your own website.

#1 It takes time…a lot of time

Starting a business takes time and focus—well so does building your own website. According to studies, it takes about 3 hours to design a page and the average website has around 20-25 pages. And that doesn’t take into account the time spent planning the layout, the color scheme or the time spent fixing mistakes. That’s 60-70+ hours of time not spent making your business is ready to launch. Can you afford that much time?

#2 You’re (probably) not a professional web designer

The biggest issue with building your own website is that you’re not a professional and your website could end up reflecting that. Even though web builders like Squarespace come with visually stunning, pre-set templates, there’s more involved in layout design than just a pretty template. Are you familiar with color theory, visual hierarchy or the spacing requirements between objects and different layers? A professional web designer would.

#3 Limited Functionality and Design

While pre-set templates can be manipulated to some extent, there are limits to what you can change. So, unless you have knowledge of HTML, you’ll have to operate within the confines of your chosen template. This could mean not being able to effectively brand your site.

#4 Tech Support Can take forever to resolve your issue

Equally as frustrating as encountering tech issues is having to submit a ticket and wait for tech support to get back to you. DIY websites have hundreds of thousands of customers to manage meaning you’ll have to wait a while for someone to get back to you concerning your tech issue. With a professional web developer, you’ll have more personalized care and quicker response times.

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#5 You’re Too Close

It’s hard to see the bigger picture when working on something as personally as a company website. There is such a thing as being too knowledgeable and it  can cause a lack of clarity and cohesiveness. It’s crucial to have an outsider’s perspective to make sure you’re not talking over the heads of your potential clients.

In conclusion

DIY websites are great option for freelancers who need a simple website that showcases their work and for those looking to establish an online presence quickly. But if you want greater functionality, a more professional layout and/or time to focus on other things, hire a professional web designer. You’ll be glad you took the time now to save yourself future headaches later.


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