Motivational January 22, 2019

Creating a Healthy Work-life Balance

Delegate There are so many things to do when you’re running a small business, it’s easy to delude to ourselves that we need to do all of them. Then we wonder why we’re so overwhelmed and tired with no time to do anything else. Delegation is the key to a healthy work-life balance. Let someone […]

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Motivational August 23, 2018

How to be a Better Leader

Here is a list of 7 traits many great leaders live by: Be a positive role model- Exhibit actions that you want your team to emulate. Practice effective communication- Be approachable. Give employees your attention, keep an open mind and make eye contact as they speak. Maintain the confidentially of the conversation. Encourage creativity- Let your team know […]

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Motivational July 24, 2015

Competing Against Big Companies

While your business may not be a corporate giant with a million dollar marketing budget, there are a few business practices you can implement to make your brand stand out. Here are three ways your small business can compete against large companies: 1. Provide first-class customer service Large companies may have a large team and […]

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Business formation December 29, 2014

End-of-Year Business Tasks

1. Make any last-minute business purchases Every entrepreneur should check with their CPA and see if you are close to qualifying for being in a lower tax  bracket. If you are, making some much-needed office purchases could be a great  idea because it lowers your profits at the end of the day. You can get new  […]

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Employees October 6, 2014

7 Ways to Motivate Employees

The desire for accomplishment was coined “the need for achievement”  by Henry Murray, a Harvard psychologist. These high achievers usually have a  strong inner drive to compete, take action, and set lofty goals for their  development. While not everyone possesses this quality to a high degree, the  need for achievement exists in everyone at some […]

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