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How to be a Better Leader

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What does a leader look like? Think of two leaders, famous or not, whom you admire and respect. What do they do that is so different? What traits do they have that help them excel at a high level? Leadership is not a great mystery. Great leaders have specific traits in common. These traits can be learned and developed—by you!

Here is list of 7 traits many great leaders live by:

Be a positive role model- Exhibit actions that you want your team to emulate.

Practice effective communication- Be approachable. Give employees your attention, keep an open mind and make eye contact as they speak. Maintain the confidentially of the conversation.

Encourage creativity- Let your team know you are open to their ideas. Empower them to take their ideas to the next level by giving positive feedback and constructive advice as warranted.

Know your team- Learn about your employees. Doing so will demonstrate that you care about them as human beings and do not consider them just another name on the company payroll.

Be yourself- Share some information about your personal life to help your staff learn about you. Plan a happy hour where business is not discussed.

Challenge your staff- Learning and mastering new challenges will give your staff a sense of accomplishment. It shows that you have confidence in their skills and value them as part of the organization.

Earn respect- When you conduct yourself in an ethical way and model the traits you want to see in others, you earn the respect of those around you.

This list of suggestions may inspire you to reevaluate your leadership abilities and address any issues you may find needing improvement.

Leadership is both a gift and a privilege. Everyone on the team deserves to be valued. Each one of them performs an essential part to keep the engine of your company running. When you can put your people’s needs and interests before your own, you will be a more successful leader.

“The most successful leaders I know are truly very curious people. They’re interested in the things around them and that contributes to their vision,” -Handal

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