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Do You Need A Mail Forwarding Service in Wyoming

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There’s no denying that startups can be extremely demanding. Running a small business tends to force you to focus on the bigger picture. Most days, you don’t have enough time to worry about small things like handling your mail.

April 26, 2023
Author: NCH

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Despite what people think, mail matters to growing startups in Wyoming. The Wyoming Secretary of State typically mails all important correspondences to businesses. It would be best to have a separate address to keep track of your startup’s legal documents.

If you’re considering getting a mail forwarding service in Wyoming, we’re here to help. This blog will discuss how the service works and why you need it.

What Are Mail Forwarding Services And How Do They Work?

Businesses will typically have a primary and a mailing address. Your primary address is where your office is located. It’s where you keep all of your financial books and corporate records. Meanwhile, your mailing address is where you receive and collect your mail.

Mail forwarding services in Wyoming allow you to receive mail at a separate location from your primary address. Instead of using your home address, this service will provide your small business with a commercial address for correspondence.

Any mail or package sent to that address will be kept in a secure facility in Wyoming and forwarded to your home. Typically, the operator will notify you if they receive anything before they ask you for a forwarding request. 

It’s also worth noting that some providers offer other features to their clients, like having a mailbox concierge. They’ll assign a specific person to manage your mail by scanning, storing, shredding, or recycling them. 

Your mailbox concierge will only forward important letters to your home address, helping you filter junk mail.

Six Reasons Why Your Wyoming LLC Needs A Mail Forwarding Service

There are plenty of reasons why most LLCs use mail forwarding services in Wyoming. Here are a few examples:


Using your home address leaves you vulnerable to receiving unwanted solicitations. It is best to use a separate mailing address for your startup if you want to protect your privacy.

Your mail forwarding service comes with a commercial address you can use for all of your legal correspondence. You no longer have to worry about your personal mail getting mixed up with your important business documents once you have a separate address for your startup.


Collecting and sorting through dozens of mail daily can be a big inconvenience if you’re running your business on your own. Most people only have two choices; drive to the nearest USPS post office to pick their mail up or wait for it to be delivered to their doorstep. Either way, both options are inefficient.

Aside from this, you also have to sort everything you received that day. But by having a mail forwarding service, you can check this task off your daily to-do list.

Once you get a mail forwarding address in Wyoming, an assigned operator will be the one to receive all of your important correspondences. You also have the option to ask them to shred and recycle any junk mail your address gets. 

By the time they forward your mail to your home, you don’t have to spend hours sorting through each one. Ultimately, the service makes your daily business operation much easier.

Mail Security

When you opt to receive your legal correspondence at home, you could easily become a victim of mail theft. Most drivers leave your mail and other packages on your doorstep if no one’s home. However, doing so puts your belongings at risk of being stolen.


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People can easily pick up your mail and steal important documents from you. And to make matters worse, retrieving them could take weeks, if not months.

Luckily, most mail forwarding services guarantee that your mail will be stored in a safe facility. They come with security procedures that protect your legal documents and packages against thieves.

Professional Appearance

A commercial address can help your small business gain the professional appearance it needs to build a trustworthy relationship with its customers. You no longer have to rent an expensive office to maintain an excellent customer perception if you decide to get a mail forwarding address.

No Change of Address

When you get a mail forwarding address in Wyoming, you only need to apply for a change of address once. 

Suppose you moved your small business to a new office in Wyoming. In that case, you can maintain your current commercial address and ask your operator to forward any mail you receive to your new address. 

A mail forwarding service means having a secure and stable business address that isn’t tied to your location.

More Storage

Instead of letting your home get overtaken by mail, some mail forwarding services allow you to use their storage space for up to 30 days, free of charge.

Suppose you’re expecting a large delivery of products or materials and need more storage space. You can always ask your provider for help, such as requesting them to store your parcels for you until you find enough space for them.

How to Change Your LLC’s Mailing Address

You can change your Wyoming LLC’s address by filing an annual report or an update form. If you’re getting a mail forwarding service before your annual report deadline, we suggest you file your new mailing address on the same report. But you can always file an update form if you get your new address after the deadline.

The form has a $50 filing fee and should be mailed straight to the Secretary of State’s office. You can’t file your company’s update form online; you must mail or deliver it to the Secretary of State in person.

And if you’re still looking for a reliable mail forwarding service provider, look no further than NCH. 

NCH is one of Nevada’s leading business-formation services providers. Not only do we help budding entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses for success, but we also offer efficient mail forwarding services in Wyoming. 

Learn how NCH’s mail forwarding services can help you run your home-based business efficiently by visiting our website or calling us at 800-508-1729.

DISCLAIMER: The above material has been prepared for informational purposes only, containing opinions of the provider, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consider consulting tax, legal, and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.

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