Business formation October 1, 2013

Saving Energy at Your Business

You can cut your energy costs for your business by 30 percent with just a few simple changes, Energy Star reports. Startups and small businesses have a more manageable task, since they can start from the beginning to enforce behaviors and practices that save energy. Large businesses can also have an impact with some planning […]

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Business formation September 20, 2013

Vital Insurance for Business Owners

When you first started your business, you probably put all your focus on making your idea become reality—where to offer your products and services and how to make your customers happy. However, product failure, personal injury and natural disasters are all facts of life for a business owner. In just the state of Missouri, the […]

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Business formation May 10, 2013

Networking Tips For Home-Based Startups

We wrote a post a while ago outlining three tips for establishing good work habits at home. This is an important set of guidelines, as it encourages the separation of your “business” self from your “home” self. However, it doesn’t touch on one of the most important parts of home-based startups: networking. When working from home, […]

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Business formation October 15, 2012

Asset Protection

Do you want to know about different asset protection strategies and the different types of vehicles you can use to protect yourself and your assets? First, it is important to understand what asset protection is and the variety of devices you can use to protect your assets. In reality, there is no secret to asset […]

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Business formation April 18, 2012

Nevada vs. Delaware: Where Do I Form an LLC?

When it comes to incorporating a corporation or forming an LLC, many wonder about the differences between Nevada and Delaware. While both states are popular choices for incorporation, Nevada is often considered the top state to incorporate in.  So, what’s the difference? It’s essential to take a look at what each state can offer your […]

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