Business formation December 7, 2023

Overcoming the Fear of Business Formation Amidst Uncertainty

Starting a business on your own is never easy. You have to overcome several challenges to get it off the ground, not to mention the competition you’ll have to face once you start your operations.  The journey to success will not be easy, but the rewards of being an entrepreneur will surely make it worth […]

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Business formation December 5, 2023

Why Now is the Right Time to Start Your Business

For most entrepreneurs, waiting until the next year to launch a new business idea is the most sensible thing to do. However, they could miss a ton of advantages if they don’t take the leap of faith before the year ends. If you’re wondering whether you should launch your startup before or after 2023 ends, […]

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Business formation November 22, 2023

LLC – Keep it or Close It?

I often have clients asking about old LLC’s they’ve set up and not used.  Should you keep it or close it?  There is value in your company having age, but at what expense.  For example, just this morning I was speaking with a client regarding a new bakery business.  Phil explained that his daughter recently […]

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Business formation November 2, 2023

Umbrella Insurance vs LLC?

An interesting topic came up an ADPICON this year. Several of our community members are being told, “You don’t need an LLC, just get an Umbrella Policy.” Lets make sure you’re educated on exactly how Umbrella Insurance works. I posted an article last year titled, “LLC vs Insurance.” Please take a few minutes to read. […]

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Business formation October 25, 2023

LLC’s To Manage Your Risk Tolerance

Last week I wrote an article “When Do S-Corps Make Sense.” I have a client we started working with in 2010, Kiesha. She started out using wholesaling and rehabbing to generate chunks of cash. Kiesha would sell some of the rehabs and use the BRRR method to build her long-term rental portfolio (buy, rehab, rent, […]

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