Business formation October 19, 2023

Top Businesses to Start in 2024

2024 is the year to pursue your dreams of embarking on an entrepreneurial journey. The new year promises an array of exciting opportunities for budding business owners and seasoned executives looking to broaden their horizons. From innovative tech solutions to selling goods online, you can explore plenty of new ventures.  In this blog, we’ll discuss […]

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Business formation October 17, 2023

When Do S-Corps Make Sense?

Corporations have two tax options.  C-Corp or S-Corp.  We rarely use C-Corps due to “double taxation” issues.  If you form a corporation, there are strict formalities that must be followed.  Corporations must keep Resolutions, Amendments, and Meeting Minutes documenting all business activity.  Even if the company is 100% owned and operated by you, you still […]

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Business formation October 3, 2023

Moving?  How To Update Your LLC

It’s inevitable, if you’re in the military, you’ll be moving to a new state at some point.  Of course, you change your address, update utilities, etc.  But what about the LLC you set up?  There are a lot of variables you’ll need to consider.  The Registered Agent is the main thing we need to stay […]

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Business formation September 21, 2023

Tax Ninja Tips

Tax elections for Corporations and LLC’s has been a confusing topic for just about everyone.  We’re going to share with everyone the “Ninja Tips” for taxes, and how you can avoid penalties. When forming a corporation, you submit your SS-4 application and the IRS issues your Employer Identification Number (EIN). You now have a corporation […]

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Business formation August 24, 2023

Got Rental Properties?

            When it comes to rental properties and building out that portfolio there is one common question, what is the best structure? There are two old school strategies that have dominated the answers for decades. One is, have 1 LLC for every rental property you own. The other is, have a certain number of properties […]

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