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Real Estate LLC Guide Made Simple

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Real estate investing can be lucrative, and forming a real estate LLC is a smart choice. LLCs reduce personal liability and let you control all profits. Interested in the benefits of real estate LLCs? Read on

January 2, 2023
Author: NCH

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Defining Real Estate LLCs

Real estate LLCs are a type of business entity that allows owners to buy, sell, and rent real estate separate from the owner. For example, if something goes wrong with the property, the owner can’t be held personally liable. Rather, the company is responsible. Additionally, real estate LLCs provide owners with the ability to own multiple properties with other investors.

One of the main advantages of real estate LLCs is the fact that these LLCs become their own legal entity—separate from the individual real estate investors. This, in turn, means that a real estate LLC has its own bank account, its own tax ID number, and its own name. It’s a popular choice for today’s real estate investors because it is considered to be a combination of both a corporation and a partnership.

Real Estate LLC Advantages

One of the main advantages of a real estate LLC is limited liability for real estate investors. While investing in real estate can be risky—especially for first-time real estate investors—LLCs help limit a great deal of risk and liability. In fact, personal assets of LLC members are protected from any problems, such as bankruptcy, that can come about from investing in real estate.

Another major benefit of real estate LLCs is the tax advantage. LLC taxes are not paid directly by the real estate business. Rather, a real estate LLC files an informational tax return since it is entitled to pass-through income taxation. This pass-through income taxation enables LLC members to tax any business income through their own personal tax rate, instead of through the corporate rate.

In addition to the above benefits, a real estate LLC has a lot more freedom when it comes to numerous regulations and restrictions. For example, there is no set structure for management and no restrictions on ownership. Not only are LLCs allowed foreign ownership, but they are not mandated to hold regular meetings or keep detailed records.

Real Estate LLC Disadvantages

While there are numerous advantages of real estate LLCs, there are also some drawbacks. One of the main disadvantages is cost. Real estate LLCs enable you to save money from tax deductions; however, there are costs associated with forming an LLC, as well as fees for keeping it in good legal standing. These costs vary, but can include: filing your LLC with the state, hiring a lawyer and a registered agent, developing an operating agreement, and annual real estate LLC fees.

Another disadvantage is that ownership in an LLC is typically more difficult to transfer than with a corporation. While corporations can sell stock to increase ownership, this is not always the case with LLCs. Instead, with LLCs, all members must approve adding new members or altering the ownership percentages of existing members.

Additionally, some states require that a real estate LLC have an end date when it is first formed. This structure also can be dissolved in the event of bankruptcy or death of one of the LLC members. And when an LLC member decides to leave, the real estate limited liability company may also end.


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Forming a Real Estate LLC in the State of Nevada

If you are considering where to develop your real estate LLC, keep in mind that Nevada is an excellent place to do business. With a low cost of living, lots of cheap real estate, attractive tax breaks, speedy development, innovative energy options, and an abundance of startups, Nevada is clearly business-friendly and promotes a very strong culture of entrepreneurship.

In addition, Nevada provides a huge range of benefits as a state of incorporation, including its ease of registration, relatively low corporate taxes, and lack of state taxes. Nevada also offers strong privacy protections to business owners and a business-friendly environment.

The benefits include:

  • No state income, corporate, or franchise taxes
  • No taxes on corporate shares or profits
  • Privacy protection for owners choosing to be anonymous
  • No operating agreements or annual meetings requirements
  • Low business registration fees and quick turnarounds
  • Formation of single-person corporations allowed
  • Permissive rules on the creation of shares
  • A judicial system that relies on case law to settle disputes
  • Strong corporate veil protecting individuals from liability
  • No formal information-sharing agreement with the IRS

Getting Started with Your Nevada LLC

Forming a real estate LLC in Nevada is an exciting opportunity, but like starting any business, it can be overwhelming. Why not let the business experts at NCH do all of the heavy lifting for you?

We’ll form your real estate LLC, run a business name check, get your EIN, and make sure you have all the licenses and permits needed to run your business. We can also advise you on the things you need to pay, such as LLC cost, Nevada state fees, and other payables.

Not to mention we offer a ton of free management and report tools to help make running your business as simple as possible. Please contact us or visit our website today to get started.

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