Videos January 22, 2024

Wealthy & Wise: Everything You Need to Know About The Corporate Transparency Act

About the Video In this episode of Wealthy & Wise, NCH’s Founder and CEO, Cort Christie, alongside NCH’s Corporate Analyst Division Manager and International Speaker, David Vanlandingham, will unpack the complexities of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), BOI Report Filing, and delve into how it impacts small business owners. Prefer to read? A full transcript […]

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Videos December 7, 2023

Wealthy & Wise – Tax Tips

About the Video In this edition of Wealthy and Wise, host Cort Christie, CEO of NCH, is joined by tax expert Shawn Olson to explore crucial insights into tax strategies for individuals and small businesses. Covering upcoming federal tax changes, vehicle expenses, retirement planning, and new regulations on issuing 1099 forms, this episode offers practical […]

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Videos September 22, 2023

Wealthy & Wise: Using a Nevada LLC in Your Home State

About the Video Using a Nevada LLC in your home state can be of significant importance for various reasons. Nevada is renowned for its business-friendly environment, offering advantages like no state income tax, minimal reporting requirements, and robust asset protection laws. By establishing an LLC in Nevada and registering it in your home state, you […]

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Videos September 1, 2023

Wealthy & Wise: Estate Planning Disasters

About the Video Don’t leave a mess for your heirs. Leave them with a structured plan that will avoid the hassles of probate and make their lives much easier in that process. CEO, Cort Christie and Attorney, Kurt Harris give us a sampling of estate planning disasters that they’ve witnessed. Prefer to read? A full […]

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Videos August 22, 2023

Wealthy & Wise: Top 3 Things That Entrepreneurs Need to Know.

About the Video Cort Christie and Greg Martin share their top three things you need to know in this informative video. In addition, every entrepreneur should be well-versed in essential aspects to navigate the complex landscape of business successfully. Entrepreneurs need to have a profound understanding of their target market is crucial. Entrepreneurs must grasp […]

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