Business formation March 24, 2023

Wealthy & Wise: Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur

About the Video – Wealthy & Wise: Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur Being an entrepreneur allows individuals to pursue their passion and turn it into a profitable venture. It can provide a sense of autonomy and control over one’s career path and work-life balance. Entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to make a significant impact […]

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Business formation December 26, 2022

What Will the Gig Economy Look Like in 2023?

The gig economy describes a labor market that depends on non-employed contractors. This term—named for individuals who accept small jobs known as gigs—covers a large number of diverse workers, including Airbnb hosts, Uber drivers, freelance writers, seasonal workers, volunteers, independent contractors, and temporary employees. There is no question that the gig economy is growing by […]

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Customer Service September 21, 2022

Maximizing Your E-commerce Revenue

1. Understand the Importance of Customer Service: Today’s consumers have very high expectations for the level of customer service provided. In fact, most consumers expect brands to have in-depth information on each customer’s personal data, purchase history, and level of overall satisfaction. Simply put, customer service is more important than ever before–and brands that fail […]

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Business formation July 27, 2022

Business Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

If you are a woman interested in developing your own small business, you are probably wondering where and how to start. The key is learning to steer clear of the mistakes that many other women have made along the way. Below, we share valuable business advice for women looking to break into the world of […]

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Credit Tips July 11, 2022

Wealthy & Wise: Fool Proof Business Credit

About the Video Cort Christie and Marshall Davis discuss the importance of business credit and financing for new and existing businesses. Plan now for optimal business success! Prefer to read? A full transcript is provided below. Cort: Hello and welcome to Wealthy and Wise. I’m your host Cort Christie, CEO of NCH. Now, today on […]

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