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6 Reasons to Stick with a Job You Hate

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According to a Gallup poll, 85% of people hate their jobs. If you’re one of those people, then you’re probably desperately trying to find a new job, one where you’re paid well, challenged, and have room to grow.

February 18, 2021
Author: Amber Ornelas

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So, should you stick with a job you hate or quit? There are solid reasons for both, but today we’ll be looking at 6 reasons you should stick with a job you hate.

#1 Stick with a job you hate if it will expand your skillset

As much as you may dislike your job, you’re getting something out it. Whether that’s becoming proficient in a new software or gaining new leadership. So, look at your job like you’d look at school—a training ground that will help you hone, master, and expand your skills, so you can move on to bigger and better things.

Changing your perspective, will help you stick with a job you hate and focus on strengthening skills that could be a valuable asset wherever you land next.

#2 Stick with a job you hate if you’ve been there for under a year

Many people learn this the hard way, but job-hopping does not look good on your resume. Hiring managers like to see at least a year (preferably two) at one company. This is because the job-hopping makes you look unreliable—like a flight risk. This is alone is a good reason to stick with a job you hate.

To put it plainly, employees are investments. Investments that employers sink tons of time, money, and energy into in the hopes of a better return.

So, unless you’re working in a toxic environment, stick it out at your job for at least a year. It’ll make your resume more appealing.

#3 Stick with a job you hate if you’re not sure what type of job you want

Don’t quit your job if you’re unsure what you’re looking for. If you do, you run the risk of ending up somewhere else just as bad (or worse!). Take time to really figure out what your want out of a career.

Yes, you can quit your job and evaluate your life then, but why give up a steady paycheck? Use that paycheck to go back to school, get an online certification, or even to help start your own business. Like we mentioned in #1, change your perspective about your job, and sticking it out won’t be so difficult.

#4 Stick with a job you hate if your employer is paying for your education

Many companies these days contribute to their employees’ education. This could be getting a degree or a certification for a marketing course or software program.

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Whatever the case is, if your employer is paying for your education, it would be crazy to leave. Take advantage of the opportunities where you are, so you can get to where you want to be.

#5 Stick with a job you hate if the job pays well

As trivial as it may seem in light of the bigger picture, money is an important factor to consider when you’re thinking about leaving your job. Not all jobs are worth the money, of course, but if your job pays well, why not stay? After all, you’ve got bills to pay.

Take that money and build up a nice savings until you’ve either found another job or have built up decent enough savings to feel comfortable and safe. This is especially important if you’re considering a complete career change. That career change is likely to come with a pay cut, as you’ll be starting from the bottom and working your way up.

#6 Stick with a job you hate if your company is prestigious

Like money, a company’s reputation might not seem like a good reason to stick it out at a job, but it is. If you’re a copywriter at a well-known company like Coca-Cola or a web developer at a tech giant like Apple, those names will carry a lot of weight on your resume.

Stick it out for a little while. Make genuine connections with powerful, well-known people and take advantages of the opportunities employment at places like that afford.

In conclusion

Having to wake up early every morning and go to a job you hate is a challenge. But if the core of your frustration with your job stems from being unfulfilled (and not because of workplace harassment or toxic co-workers), stick it out!

Do away with the idea that you’re somehow trapped in that job. Change your perspective and look at your job as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. It’ll teach your perseverance and diligence, that’ll make you an overall better employee and human being.

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