Using Radio for Small Business

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Don’t get sold on frequency or branding. Radio stations sales people will tell you this because it will get a longer contract and will let you think results may not appear until weeks have passed. But your not Pepsi or McDonald’s and branding and frequency campaigns are sure to do one thing…break you.

The fact is you need immediate response and revenue from your campaign. Welcome to the world of Direct Marketing.


When launching a new radio campaign for your business, less is more. Have a great lead-in free offer that relates to your product or service. Either a free book or consultation are some examples and can work. Write 3 different compelling commercials that have an immediate call to action. Purchase 3 similarly formatted radio stations and run only 3 spots on each station. YES. A total of (3) :60 spots ONLY on each station will allow you to get the data you need.

Track your results. At the conclusion of the test, one of the 3 commercials will have produced better results than the other 2. Now its time to fine tune that commercial and spread out 3 new versions amongst 3 more stations. This will give you a low cost, fool proof way to gauge your campaign before you invest BIG money.

Recommended Reading for Small Business Marketing:

The Guerilla Marketing Handbook” by Jay Conrad Levinson