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It’s a business owner’s dream to get the product they’re so proud of in the hands of a star. In many cases a bit of stardust can have a huge impact on the success of your product, as celebrity watchers keep a close eye on these influential trendsetters. And with the right product, preparation, and persistence, a celebrity could be showing off your items on the red carpet. So, where do you start?

First you’ll need a list of target celebrities, a database of media contacts, and a one-paragraph summary of your product or company for a press release. To grab attention, make sure your release includes the celebrity name, event information (when there is one), a paragraph about your product (plus cost and where to purchase it), names of VIPs (even local) or celebrities who have used it, your contact information and website, and your logo to reinforce your brand.

Then, use great packaging to capture attention. You want your gift to stand out for the very reason a celebrity wants to stand out amongst his or her peers–to be memorable.

Next you must locate a publicist, costume designer, or stylist to get the ball rolling.

You generally want to start with a celebrity’s publicist, but realize this person might refer you to the next person on your list. Don’t give up. is always someone on the star’s team who is responsible for his or her image and who will be interested in your gift.

To find out whether a celebrity is using your product, follow the star’s comings and goings on entertainment websites like or If you know in advance that you’ve snagged a celebrity to wear your product on the red carpet, these are also the photo agencies you’ll contact so you will own your own image. Chances are good that they will be sending a staff photographer to cover the event anyway, and when you call, you can confirm that they have the credentials secured already.

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