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When you’ve succeeded at the exhausting task of developing new partnerships and making sales with new customers, your most important next step is to make sure they’ll come back for more because who really wants to go through all that work of generating new leads again and making cold calls.

There are a number of email marketing companies that claim to be able to complement your web content and help you generate messages that make your one-time customers regulars, and your passionate followers who can’t get enough. Here are a few tips to help you pick the one that’s best for you:

– Take a look at prices. Different companies have very different rates, often geared towards the number of emails you plan to send, and based on the number of people you will try to reach. Email marketing contracts at a fixed annual rate may not work for you if you intend to grow your database or up the number of emails you plan to send.

– What do the emails look like? Email marketing is a tricky business – yours is not the only company fighting for attention in a person’s inbox. Take a look at the emails other clients are sending. Are they visually attractive? Do they reflect your web design? How much time will you have to invest in building them?

– What about the extras? Your email marketing partner should be helping you manage your time and put together the best product for the most people. If emails are jumbled messes on mobile devices or lists are impossible to sort and manage, you might find yourself spending more time than you need to get your special offers out there.
Many small businesses can benefit email marketing, as long as the campaign is properly executed. Use these tips as you get ready!

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