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6 Ways Emails Advance Campaign Efforts

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Email marketing is a simple, affordable, and powerful way to keep in touch with your customers. The potential for your email campaigns is limited only by your marketing creativity. Whether you need an easy way to test out a new campaign, or you want to stay close to your customers without a massive sales force, you’ll find that a well-managed email marketing campaign can serve you well.

July 1, 2014

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Check out these outstanding benefits of email marketing tools and you’ll quickly see why this strategy belongs in any business’s arsenal.

They Follow Up on Leads Flawlessly

Email marketing campaigns are a simple and cost-effective way to follow up on leads. You no longer need to dedicate a chunk of your sales force to calling every customer who shows interest in your brand. With a well-managed email marketing system, you can automatically send welcome letters to new customers and follow up regularly with pertinent information.

Email marketing tools are incredibly versatile, allowing you to reach out to your customers in many ways. You can send out informative newsletters that target your customers’ niche interests, offer special coupons, alert customers to sales, or reach out with more detailed information about your products and services.

There are many smart ways to capture leads online, from having your customers set up an online account to shop at your store to sending visitors through a squeeze page to get to your full site. Once you’ve captured these leads, you need to maximize their potential. Email marketing is one of the best ways to do that.

They Provide Measureable Results

You can approach email marketing from many angles, but it’s difficult to know which one will work best in the early days of your marketing campaigns. Email marketing allows you to measure your results in a way no other tool can. You can measure how many customers open your emails, click on certain links, and follow various calls to action.

Make sure you’re paying attention to the numbers when you’re using email marketing tactics. Test new tactics with A and B email campaigns. Send a traditional message to half of your mailing list and try new ideas out on the other half. Randomize your lists and measure the results. Performing this type of research on a regular basis will help you hone in on the tactics your customers respond to best.

Once you’ve gotten some solid results from your email marketing campaigns, you can translate this information into more effective marketing tactics on all your campaigns, whether they’re email or not.

They Make Personalization Easy

Automatic personalization is easy with email marketing. You can insert your customers’ names into your email messages to make each one seem a bit more personal. You can also generate emails that use other relevant details about your customers to connect with them.

If your customers provide you with personal information, such as their favorite flavors or hobbies when they sign up with you, you can incorporate these details into your emails to make them more effective. Consider the effectiveness of an email that prompts you to check out a new line of bakery treats by only highlighting the products in your preferred flavor, or a promotional email that targets the exact size of your business rather than speaking to business owners in general.

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Creating just a few categories of personalized emails will help your customers feel closer to your company. These emails can reach out to your customers like friends instead of strangers.

They Offer Global Reach

You can reach customers around the world with email marketing. You can even translate your messages easily for foreign markets. Unlike television or print advertisements, where you have to put a lot of time and attention into choosing the right medium for each campaign, email is a nearly universal tool that can reach easily into your customers’ homes.

Customers don’t need to watch a certain television channel or listen to a particular radio show to hear your message when you’re reaching out with email. Take advantage of this unique strength and optimize your email marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness by putting great care into how you construct these messages and what you put in the subject line.

They Will Keep You in the Green

Email marketing is extremely affordable in comparison to other marketing methods. You need very few tools to build an email marketing campaign. With an opt-in page and the right program, you can send out automated emails for pennies. The return on your email marketing efforts is typically very good, making this option both cheap and effective.

Promotional emails are easy to construct so you don’t need to hire a professional team the way you might if you were working on a commercial. A beginner can even put together a compelling series of emails to connect with customers. Emails have a casual, informal appeal that can make them effective even when they’re not dripping with professionally designed details.

They Help You Keep Up With Customers

You would need a massive sales force to connect with every customer on a regular basis. With email marketing, you can reach out to customers frequently so your products and services are never far from their minds. Send out emails to follow up on recent purchases. Ask for your customers’ opinions often. Remind them of specials and sales and send out coupons targeted to their specific interests based on past purchases.

You can easily diversify your email marketing campaign to meet all your company’s needs. Ask your customers for feedback, provide them with valuable information, and send out samples. It’s much easier to re-engage an existing customer than it is to land a new one. Use your email marketing campaigns to keep up with old customers, even if they haven’t been active recently. The right messages can help bring them back and keep your customer base active and engaged.

If you’ve been missing out on this easy marketing tactic, begin collecting customer emails now and you’ll soon see the transformative results these tools can offer.

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