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Finding Your Break-Even Point

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February 7, 2017
Author: NCH

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In order for your business to be profitable, it is important to know what your break-even point is. A break-even point is the point at which the company’s sales exactly cover its expenses. When your company hits its break-even point, the company sells enough of its products or services to cover its expenses without making a profit or taking a loss. Even if your business is generating a lot of revenue, it could still be operating at a loss if all of the expenses of running the business exceed the revenue.
Knowing the break-even point is also helpful in deciding prices, setting sales budgets, and preparing a business plan. In order to calculate your company’s break-even point, use the following formula:
Fixed Costs/Sales Price per Unit – Variable Costs = Break-even Point in Units
The break-even point formula is calculated by dividing the total fixed costs of production by the price per unit less the variable costs to produce the product. The break-even point calculation is a useful tool to analyze critical profit drivers of your business including sales volume, average production costs and average sales price.
While the break-even formula is a simple way to quickly calculate your break-even point, you should talk to a CPA when considering your business’s profitability for any major decisions. When you thoroughly understand your numbers, you can make smart decisions that will help your business prosper.

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