Legal April 12, 2022

Wealthy & Wise: Provide For Your Family, Not Your Attorney

About the Video Developing an estate plan will help preserve your legacy and ensure that your most valuable assets transfer to your loved ones. Watch Cort Christie, CEO of NCH, and our in-house attorney, Kurt Harris, as they discuss the importance of protecting your assets and your family with estate planning. Prefer to read? A full […]

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Legal June 18, 2020

Retire Smarter with a Solo 401K

What’s a Solo-K and how does it work? A Solo-K is an IRS-approved and qualified 401k plan. Designed for self-employed sole proprietors and owners of corporations or an LLC, a Solo-K follows the same rules and requirements as any other 401(k) plan. But unlike a traditional 401k, you’re allowed to make contributions as both the employee […]

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Legal May 14, 2020

What is a Real Estate Privacy Trust?

So, to protect their assets from public record, real estate investors with plenty of separate rentals protect them by providing each property with its distinct trust agreement. Suppose they have residential and commercial property. If so, they can only secure their assets from liens, title claims, and HOA claims by placing separate trusts on each […]

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Legal March 23, 2020

Securing Your Future and Assets

That’s where legal planning comes in. Without it, your family could be left with a huge financial burden, your assets could get stuck in probate for years, your business could go under and you may never be able to retire. 1. Protect Your Future with Estate Planning Simply put, estate planning is the process of arranging […]

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Retirement & Estate Planning November 15, 2018

The 3 P’s of a Living Trust

A revocable living trust is a tool you can use for planning your estate. Revocable means that you can change it as needed while you are still alive, and a trust is simply a shelter you can use to protect your assets. A benefit of a revocable living trust is that you can manage it […]

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