6 Reasons Employees Quit

Why employees quit
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There are few things more frustrating for a business owner than when employees quit. It throws a wrench in daily operations, causes anxiety among other employees, and forces you to scramble to hire and train someone new.

And while it’s impossible to retain every employee, understanding some of the reasons why employees quit will help you cultivate a work environment where employees don’t want to quit.

In this article, we’ll tackle 7 of the most common reasons employees quit. Read them carefully and take an honest look at your own practices.


#1. Work doesn’t live up to the job description

There’s nothing worse than unmet expectations—especially when it comes to your job. Sadly, it’s common for employers to get creative with job descriptions and portray an inaccurate position. It won’t take long for your employee to realize he/she has been hoodwinked and seek employment elsewhere. Be honest—even if the position doesn’t sound “interesting”. The right person will get excited about the job.


#2. Job isn’t challenging enough

The average employee puts in 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. That’s a long time to be bored and unchallenged at work. Get in the habit of checking in to see if your employees are happy. Give them opportunities to try new projects, train them on new software, and utilize some of their other skills.


#3. Bad Boss

According to a Gallup poll of more than 1 million workers, the No. 1 reason people quit their jobs is a bad boss or immediate supervisor. Fear tactics, lack of employee recognition, slow response time, unorganized meetings…These are all tell-tale signs of a bad boss and nothing will make an employee quit their job faster. Trust your employees. Appreciate your employees. Lead with heart, not with fear.


#4. Work doesn’t feel meaningful

If your employees’ ideas are constantly ignored, their voices never heard, and their work never used in any meaningful way—what reason do they have to stay? Employees want to feel that what they do is contributing to the company.

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#5. Toxic work environment

Office conflict, gossip, unwelcoming employees—these things doesn’t just affect those directly involved—it affects the entire office making for an uncomfortable work environment. As the business owner, you set the tone for the office. If you’re happy, welcoming, and approachable, your office will be the same. The same is true if you’re the opposite of those things. You also set the tone by the type of people you hire. Skill is important, but so is personality. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch.


#6. No room for growth

Unlike the other reasons on the list, this one isn’t always easy to control as a person can only go so far within a company. But for that star employee you don’t want to lose, provide as many opportunities for advancement as you can or do what some companies have done and create a position for that person.


In conclusion

Employees are the heart of your company—keeping it running smoothly, fixing clogs that slow the flow of productivity, and making sure your company doesn’t go into cardiac arrest. Don’t take them for granted. Create a work environment they’ll be sad to leave.


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