Business formation March 30, 2012

Minimizing Business Risk

Many would-be entrepreneurs are held back by fears of failure due to the risks of starting a business. But there are ways to lessen those risks — by taking a sane, step-by-step approach to getting ready to launch. Here are seven fundamental steps for planning a low-risk launch: 1. Know how you’ll fund it. There are […]

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Startup Tips February 7, 2009

Surviving a Recession

The truth may be that we are in for a longer ride than we optimistically expect. (For example, economists generally agree that we were in a bear market cycle from 1966 to 1982 – a period lasting 16 years; and that we experienced a bull market from 1983 to 2000 – a period of 17 […]

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Business formation

Incorporating in Wyoming vs Nevada: Which State Is Right for You?

Although many states in the United States are business-friendly, Wyoming and Nevada are two of the most favorable for entrepreneurs due to their favorable business laws and low tax rates, among other reasons.  Nevada and Delaware are currently the most talked about types of incorporation or LLC formation states. However, Nevada is also often the […]

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Business formation February 2, 2009

Protecting Yourself in Business

Divide and Conquer Incorporating allows you separate yourself from your business risks, and that is critically important today.  However, there may be additional opportunity to divide higher-risk business activities from lower-risk or asset-rich activities by placing these activities in separate limited liability business entities.  By dividing your important business assets from your most significant business […]

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