Business Funding Tips March 13, 2024

Handling Business Taxes: Can Business Financial Advisors Give Tax Advice?

These professionals can advise you on financial topics like saving, investing, and estate planning. They can also offer unbiased opinions on your financial management strategies. But what about taxes? Can financial advisors give you tax advice, or is it best to consult a tax advisor for your tax preparation needs? If you’re wondering whether financial […]

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Business formation March 5, 2024

Family Trusts vs. Living Trusts: Let’s Compare the Two

Family Trusts Also known as a revocable living trust, a family trust is created to hold and manage assets for the benefit of family members. It allows the grantor, the individual establishing the trust, to maintain control over their assets during their lifetime. Family trusts often involve spouses and children as beneficiaries, ensuring a seamless […]

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Credit Tips February 15, 2024

9 Common Tax Mistakes by LLC Owners & How to Avoid Them

Here are some of the common ones you need to keep in mind and avoid at all costs:  Mistake #1: Neglecting Proper Record-Keeping Accurate and detailed records are the foundation of a smooth tax filing process. Many LLC owners, especially in the hustle of day-to-day operations, overlook the significance of maintaining meticulous records of income, […]

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Credit Tips February 14, 2024

Seven Common Tax Deductions for LLCs You Should Know

 Unlike corporations, LLCs don’t have to pay corporate taxes. Anything the company earns or loses goes to its owners, who must include them in their tax filings. But aside from this, LLCs can also make several tax deductions.  If you want to learn how to reduce your LLC’s tax liabilities further, you’ve come to the […]

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Credit Tips January 11, 2024

Foreign Income Tax: What You Need to Know

Living in a globalized world comes with its fair share of perks, such as the ability to explore diverse cultures, traverse stunning landscapes, and embrace a lifestyle that transcends borders.  However, these exciting opportunities also come certain responsibilities, one of which is navigating the intricate landscape of foreign income tax.  For expatriates and frequent travelers, […]

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