Business formation July 27, 2022

Business Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

If you are a woman interested in developing your own small business, you are probably wondering where and how to start. The key is learning to steer clear of the mistakes that many other women have made along the way. Below, we share valuable business advice for women looking to break into the world of […]

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Legal July 13, 2022

What Is a Land Trust?

Land trusts can sometimes be a very confusing topic for business owners, but they don’t need to be. Simply put, land trusts are legal entities that take ownership of–or authority over–a piece of property at the request of the property owner.  Land trusts act as living trusts, which allow for the management of property, and […]

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Business formation July 11, 2022

Wealthy & Wise: When is the Right Time to Set up your LLC?

Adam: Welcome to another edition of Wealthy and Wise. I’m your host, Adam Kintigh. And today we are so lucky to have in-studio live Mr. David Chafkar, himself. Absolute wonderful man has been very knowledgeable in coaching and instructing business owners and investors for many, many years. And today we’re talking about the exciting topic […]

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Credit Tips

Wealthy & Wise: Fool Proof Business Credit

About the Video Cort Christie and Marshall Davis discuss the importance of business credit and financing for new and existing businesses. Plan now for optimal business success! Prefer to read? A full transcript is provided below. Cort: Hello and welcome to Wealthy and Wise. I’m your host Cort Christie, CEO of NCH. Now, today on […]

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Business formation July 7, 2022

Wealthy & Wise: Finding the Best Entity for Your Assets

About the Video For every asset that you have, there is an entity type that will protect it the best. Cort Christie and Attorney Kurt Harris, discuss the best entities to use for the asset types that you have. Don’t place your assets at risk. Be proactive in setting up the protection you need. Prefer […]

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