Privacy Trust

As a business owner, you should be concerned about your privacy. Identity thieves and unnecessary public record exposure could make you a target for a lawsuit. With a Privacy Trust, you can add an extra level of protection between your personal assets and curious eyes.

The Privacy Trust is designed to achieve financial privacy goals which is a legitimate concern for many individuals. The Privacy Trust successfully conceals ownership of bank and brokerage accounts, the family home, rental properties, and interests in other entities.

If you have established a corporation, Family Limited Partnership, or Limited Liability Company for business or asset protection purposes, the Privacy Trust adds a desirable level of legal privacy to your personal affairs. Depending upon the particular features included in the trust, in addition to the privacy advantages, asset protection and estate planning benefits can be created.

Creating Legal Privacy

If you own a business, there's always the risk that it may be subject to a lawsuit. When someone decides to sue your business, that person also will most likely want to gain access to your personal equity as well. With a privacy trust, your real estate and personal assets remain shielded from the public record.

Developments in technology now allow powerful search engines to sort through billions of records stored in vast interconnected databases. These programs are capable of locating and assembling disparate facts about your life into a comprehensive personal information report with detailed background, credit, employment, and financial information. The ready availability of bank and brokerage account balances and real estate ownership provides a potential adversary with an accurate picture of sensitive personal matters that you would choose not to disclose.

It is possible and advisable to limit the availability of certain types of financial information about yourself. Although a variety of regulatory and reporting requirements create obstacles, the ownership of assets can be shielded from public disclosure. As long as taxes are paid on the income earned and the techniques are not used to conceal the proceeds of criminal activities, anonymous ownership can be legal and effective.

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