Jason Smith is a Corporate Analyst at Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. (NCH), specializing in advanced business structuring, asset protection, estate planning and long-term business management.


Jason retains an unparalleled stage presence, captivating audiences all over the world. His ability to utilize humor, while presenting vital knowledge continues to inspire individuals.


After serving for the U.S. Air Force, Jason Smith quickly found a match for his innate talent and skillset as part of the booming online industry, offering e-commerce training for marketing practices and trends. This led him to entrepreneurship, launching his own marketing agency in 1996. Here he produced creative advertising, both digital and audio, while continuing his growth as a Corporate Trainer and world renowned Speaker. During this time, Jason spent over 15 years working with start-up businesses, creating dynamic strategies for market integration, including acquisitions and mergers. In 2012, Jason sold his business to a large firm and moved into mainstream sales and marketing management. His experience includes developing effective business models, creating and implementing processes and systems, and streamlining growth opportunities.


In 2014, Jason joined Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. as a Sales and Operations Manager. In this role, Jason worked to exceed financial expectations, by creating a client-focused environment. Through his progressive leadership, Jason was able to effectively lead a sales team using client satisfaction as the foundation for success. Jason was also instrumental in the development of the client-centric NCH culture. It was at this time that Jason began working directly with clients to design complex business structures and asset protection strategies.


In order to better assist our clients and strengthen the core values of NCH, Jason decided to step back into a familiar role as part of NCH’s speaker team. With Jason’s extensive speaking history and in-depth knowledge of start-up business, this was a natural fit. Since joining the elite Corporate Analyst Division of professional speakers, Jason has excelled, helping thousands of clients launch their dreams. He has continued to transcend the boundaries of his position, offering years of unique experience in personal asset protection and small business growth.

Jason currently resides in Las Vegas, NV. He has four children and three grandsons. His interests include traveling and spending time by the lake. Jason has traveled to 49 states and 7 different countries, diversifying his business knowledge and perspective. In his early years, Jason spent time as a radio DJ, giving him a love of all genres of music, which he still enjoys to this day.

Jason works tirelessly to fulfill the needs of his clients, motivating them through speech and guiding them through action, as they become successful entrepreneurs.