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At Nevada Corporate Headquarters, we find the greatest value, fulfillment, and meaning through the service of others. We insist on providing exceptional quality of service for our clients, while also supplying long-term value. NCH is always focused on helping those around us and we realize our personal and professional potential, especially when it involves starting a business in Nevada and asset protection. For us to maintain those standards, each team member is valuable in delivering a measurable return for every client. Members like our in-house attorney Kurt Harris, are what make us great. In an effort to be a leader, and well versed in all legal matters, Kurt Harris earned his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from the University of Idaho in 1994. Demonstrating his outreach to assist each client, Kurt Harris served as a Nevada Interpreter for the Municipal as a fluent Spanish speaker. During his legal career, Kurt’s been appointed Mediator for the State of Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program. He has also held such positions as, Pro Tem Judge for the Las Vegas Justice Court and Clark County Court appointed Arbitrator. With Nevada Corporate Headquarters, his practice focuses on estate and trust preservation, foreclosure, litigation, and asset protection.

An attorney’s wins and losses are closely tied to their career merit, but Kurt admits his biggest loss is not having enough time in a day. If he could have two parallel days of time, one to devote solely to a case and the other to his personal life, he would. Rightfully so, since his biggest win is his family, though he jokes the feeling may not be mutual, he says, “My amazing wife and great sons mean the most to me.” If Kurt’s not in the office or courtroom, you may find him tending to steer on the farm in the summer or indulging in one of the sinful benefits of Las Vegas life; the buffets.

With his long career in litigation, it’s no surprise Kurt says his favorite part of being an attorney is helping people in need and working alongside them to find effective solutions. He defers to an ideology that focuses on what you do best in order to excel. When that energy hits full potential, it’s no longer talking about why it can’t happen, but how you can make it happen.

So why NCH?

“We are like family. Some of us have been here since the beginning and we have formed lasting bonds. Plus, I love the energy and commitment the company has to constantly improve the customer experience. It makes it easy to work when everyone has the same goal in sight,” Kurt says with a smile.

Here at Nevada Corporate Headquarters, we are proud to have Kurt Harris as a member of our exceptional team. He is just one of the many people who embrace our mission for S.T.O.R.I., while also providing fully guaranteed services and 100% satisfaction.  Whether you’re in need of a registered agent in Nevada or you’re looking for assistance with Nevada LLC filing, we can help. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the services at NCH, please give us a call at 1-800-508-1729.

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