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Start-up Myths That Will Set You Up for Failure

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The world of business start-up is full of start-up myths so enshrined that to question them is heresy. But we should question them. Because while some are harmless, many others paint a false picture of what starting and running a business looks like and sets entrepreneurs up for failure. There’s no talisman or special mantra […]

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Multi-tasking is a Myth…Do This Instead

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Multi-tasking has always been hailed as the holy grail of skills. The ability to work on multiple projects at once and have them all come out perfect…who wouldn’t want their employees or themselves to possess such a skill? But here’s the thing–multitasking doesn’t work. Research shows that it’s not as efficient as we like to believe and can […]

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Best Email Practices for Better Communication

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With many people working from home due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), clear communication has never been more important. And since email is the no. 1 method of communication among business professionals, refreshing your memory about best email practices can ensure your company’s workflow continues without a hitch. Take a closer look before sending This can’t […]

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Why employees quit

6 Reasons Employees Quit

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There are few things more frustrating for a business owner than when employees quit. It throws a wrench in daily operations, causes anxiety among other employees, and forces you to scramble to hire and train someone new. And while it’s impossible to retain every employee, understanding some of the reasons why employees quit will help you […]

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