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Here’s Why So Many Companies Are Relocating to Nevada

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Tesla’s decision to relocate to Reno, Nevada back in 2014 sparked a national debate that soon turned into a mass Exodus of companies trading their home state for the desert state. But why? What did Elon Musk discover about Nevada that made him think such a big, expensive move was worth it? What did other companies […]

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4 Reasons You Need a Registered Agent

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If you’re like many aspiring business owners, you’ve never heard of a Registered Agent. Well, a registered agent is a responsible third-party in the same state as your business. This third-party can receive official government notifications (usually tax forms and notice of lawsuits) on behalf of your LLC. You’re actually required to have a Registered Agent […]

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Registered Agent — 60 Second Business Tip

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All corporations and LLCs are required by law to have an address where they can accept delivery of legal documents and notifications from the state or other governmental agencies. All state laws require that corporations or LLCs must maintain a Registered Agent within its borders. Your registered agent serves as your corporation’s public face by […]

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