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6 Reasons to Stick with a Job You Hate

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According to a Gallup poll, 85% of people hate their jobs. If you’re one of those people, then you’re probably desperately trying to find a new job, one where you’re paid well, challenged, and have room to grow. So, should you stick with a job you hate or quit? There are solid reasons for both, […]

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Mature women with pixie cut stressed out at work at her desk because she's trying to work and multi-tasking doesn't work

Stop Multi-tasking Start Task-Batching

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Multi-tasking has always been hailed as the holy grail of skills. The ability to work on multiple projects at once and have them all come out perfect…who wouldn’t want their employees or themselves to possess such a skill? But here’s the thing–multitasking doesn’t work. Research shows that it’s not as efficient as we like to believe and can […]

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Bad Habits That Destroy Startups

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Managing a business involves more than just the day to day operations— it involves managing people in all their diverse glory. What makes this even more complicated is that there’s no one size fits all solution. Every office is different. But despite this, there are clear things to avoid. In this article we’ll discuss a number of […]

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hire for personality

Hire for Personality, Not Skill

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You’ve heard the saying before, “hire for personality, train for skill” but how true is it? Are you really supposed to overlook skill in favor of a candidate’s character traits? Yes, and no. This doesn’t mean hire someone with no skill whatsoever…it means that if the least qualified applicant has a personality that outshines all […]

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