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Business man holding business card asking if need a loan.

5 Reasons to Avoid Bank Loans

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It’s common sense…if you need business funding you go to a traditional bank to get funding, right? Wrong. Not only are there way better options out there for business funding, you should avoid traditional banks at all costs. In this blog post we’ll explore a few reasons why. 1. Banks are risk averse Banks avoid lending to new […]

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Top 6 Companies for Business Loans

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Technology has disrupted just about every industry imaginable, but maybe none more so than the finance industry. From the introduction of Bitcoin to fully virtual/non-traditional banks—people are rethinking the way they handle, spend, and invest their money. And in doing so, they are giving long-standing financial institutions a run for their money. But the finance […]

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business credit

Why Business Credit is Important

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According to a U.S. Bank study, 82% of businesses fail because of “cash flow problems.” That’s not surprising when you consider that most new business owners make the mistake of using personal credit to operate their business instead of business credit. “What’s wrong with that?” you may be asking yourself. Well, simply put…any time you […]

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Business plans

How Business Plans Protect Businesses

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Countless business owners have made the mistake of thinking business plans are optional. It’s not until an economic or financial crisis occurs (like the one we’re experiencing now) that they realize how vital business plans are to the long-term success and security of their business. Why are business plans so vital? There are a number […]

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