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Marketing Tips February 11, 2014

Using Humor in Marketing

The big game aired recently, and many of the ads were humor based. Even the big guys are cashing in on using humor and trying to take the old stodgy out of big business: Look at Geico with a camel asking employees, “What day is it?” Or Kmart going out on a huge limb with the “Ship […]

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Startup Tips February 10, 2014

3 Reasons to Attend a Trade Show

Trade shows can present you with a fantastic ROI and new customers who will be loyal. Forty percent of people who attend trade shows buy something while they are there, as Tradekey explains. If they buy from you once, they’ll likely buy from you again, so trade shows are an excellent sales strategy. If you […]

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Business formation February 5, 2014

Partnership Agreement

A Partnership Agreement is an accord or contract between two or more persons or entities, engaged in a business for profit. The agreement identifies the parties, location of the formation of the partnership, as well as the venue for disputes. General partnerships assume that profits, liabilities and management duties are divided equally; however, partners may […]

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Startup Tips February 3, 2014

Common Business Issues to Avoid

The U.S. is home to millions of small businesses, accounting for 55 percent of all jobs, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. Today’s small business owners deal with unique challenges, and are often faced with constraints of time, capital and human resources to adequately address problems. Understanding what land mines are most likely to […]

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Business formation January 31, 2014

How Passion Kills Startups

Passion in entrepreneurship is a very good thing. But too much of it can bring your new business to a grinding halt. Many outstanding business ideas are born from a spark of passion: that moment when a daydream stretches into the realm possibility. But passion is also the root of failure if it means you […]

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