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Marketing Tips March 4, 2014

4 Attributes of Clickable Ads

How entertaining is your brand? On the surface, this may seem like a straightforward question. If you produce movies, energy drinks, or running shoes, entertainment is your business. Most of us don’t work for brands like that. We sell valves, insurance policies, or accounting services–not the kind of sexy stuff that evokes laughter or tears (unless […]

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Taxes February 27, 2014

Business Tax Extension

If you need more time to complete your business tax return, you can request an extension of time to file your return. However, even with an extension, you must estimate how much you owe and send in that amount by the due date. Otherwise, the IRS can invalidate your extension. For Corporations or Limited Liability […]

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Business formation February 26, 2014

Protecting Your Assets

The first step in an asset protection strategy is to confirm the exact ownership interest of each of your assets and determine if a creditor would attach it. Assets should be sheltered in properly structured entities. Asset protection strategies can include the use of many tactics, such as transferring ownership of assets. There are various […]

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Marketing Tips February 24, 2014

Benefits of Going Mobile

Think about your day as a small business owner. How do you conduct business? How do you check in on your office? How do you keep on top of things? Like most entrepreneurs, you probably use your mobile device. If you are like most of the over 4 billion mobile owners, you probably pick up […]

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Motivational February 21, 2014

6 Business Lessons From Olympians

The Olympics happen every year and feature a host of triumphs and failures. The Olympians inspire the masses, but competitors have more that just inspiring back-stories and physical feats to offer us, they have important business parallels to impart. Here are five things every entrepreneur can learn about the blueprint basics of becoming business champions from the […]

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