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Startup Tips August 4, 2015

Setting Long-Term Business Goals

Determine Your Long-Term Goals Start by distinguishing your long-term goals from your short-term goals. Your long-term goals should have a timeline of about three to five years. Your long-term goals should articulate your company’s mission statement, reflecting the reason your company was founded. These types of visionary goals usually fall within four general areas: service, […]

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Motivational July 24, 2015

Competing Against Big Companies

While your business may not be a corporate giant with a million dollar marketing budget, there are a few business practices you can implement to make your brand stand out. Here are three ways your small business can compete against large companies: 1. Provide first-class customer service Large companies may have a large team and […]

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Legal July 23, 2015

Saving Assets from Lawsuits

Asset Protection is the concept of protecting one’s assets from frivolous, ill-motivated, illogical and, more often than not, devastating claims that can destroy your current and future lifestyle. If you are engaged in any business activity, chances are that sooner or later you will be sued.  The costs of defending a frivolous law suit can […]

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Finance July 1, 2015

Creating a Pricing Strategy

Choosing a pricing strategy for your product or service can be intimidating because your business success is riding on it. To help you decide on the best pricing strategy for your business, here is a list of three factors to consider when determining the price of your product or service. 1. Competition When it comes […]

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Business Funding Tips June 23, 2015

Private Equity Fund

  Private equity can be a valuable source of capital and expertise for small business owners. The best known type of small-business focused private equity firms are called small business investment companies, or SBICs. Although other structures exist, private equity funds are generally organized as either a limited partnership or LLC. Private equity firms generally […]

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