Blogs: LLC and Business Formation

Business formation March 2, 2017

Forming Nevada LLC

Remember it’s all in the name. A name is your brand and should appropriately match your business pursuits. Your company business name must be distinguishable from other LLCs, restricted words (e.g. Banc, Bank, Banque, etc.) or licensed professionals (e.g. Doctor, Engineer, etc.) will require additional paperwork. Any words in your business name can’t create confusion […]

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Legal February 13, 2017

Understanding Trademarks

Millions of companies large and small use trademarks or service marks to protect their name and brand. A trademark is a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product. Trademarks protect businesses from competitors stealing their identity or using a name or symbol so similar that it […]

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Finance February 7, 2017

Finding Your Break-Even Point

In order for your business to be profitable, it is important to know what your break-even point is. A break-even point is the point at which the company’s sales exactly cover its expenses. When your company hits its break-even point, the company sells enough of its products or services to cover its expenses without making […]

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Marketing Tips January 31, 2017

Proper Public Relations

Your business may have an excellent service or product, yet if nobody has knowledge of it, generating sales might be difficult. Effective public relations can help you spread your company’s message to your market and attract potential customers and new clients. Small businesses may not have a big budget to hire an outside PR firm, […]

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Startup Tips January 18, 2017

Gaining a Business Advantage

Even if you’ve been in business for years and just haven’t taken the time to research your competitors, you can easily research your competition by looking at their websites, social media and by reading their online reviews. Whether they’re getting good or average reviews, see if there’s a common theme to what people experience. If […]

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