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Marketing Tips May 23, 2014

Negotiating With Finesse

For many people, just the sound of the word negotiation makes them cringe. Some immediately break out in a cold sweat at the thought of having to step up and negotiate for the things they want and need. While some people have no problem advocating for others, when it comes to pushing for their own […]

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Taxes May 22, 2014

Moving Expense Deduction

Federal tax laws allow you to deduct your moving expenses if your relocation relates to starting a new job or a transfer to a new location for your present employer. The deduction covers the reasonable expenses you incur to transport your personal effects and household items to your new home. You can even include the […]

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Business formation May 21, 2014

Corporate Bylaws

Corporate Bylaws are the internal formalities of keeping your corporation active. It is a legal document that defines a corporation’s purpose, how it will run its affairs, and the duties and responsibilities of people who own and manage it. When you incorporate, you sketch out some of these concepts in your Articles of Incorporation, but […]

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Marketing Tips May 20, 2014

8 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability

Email marketing remains a powerful and cost-effective marketing channel for engaging prospects and customers. But without giving proper attention to deliverability, sometimes even relevant, permission-based emails can get filtered out of subscribers’ inboxes. Deliverability is the term used to classify the percentage of emails that actually make it into the intended recipients’ inboxes. According to […]

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Taxes May 15, 2014

Charitable Contributions: Tax Tip

Doing good can also be good for your bottom line. If you itemize deductions, you can write off your charitable contributions, whether you give money to a church, stocks to your alma mater, or clothing to overseas relief efforts. But as is usually the case, the IRS has plenty of rules that can trip you […]

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