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Finance November 29, 2016

Saving for Economic Downturns

While the economy may be improving, every business should still play it safe and prepare for the next economic downturn. An economic downturn suggests that the rate of economic growth is slowing down and possibly entering into recession. Before an economic downturn happens, you can do a few things to manage your business funds so […]

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Startup Tips November 22, 2016

Internal Systems and Processes

Developing effective internal systems and processes at any business is important. Running a business often means juggling many things at once and can quickly become overwhelming if a systemic approach is not put in place. When employees know exactly how to perform a task and do it the same way each time, they will become […]

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Business Funding Tips September 16, 2016

Best Time to Get a Loan

At some point, every company needs funding in order to expand or grow their business. But, determining the best time to get a loan for your business can be tricky. If you apply to soon, your business might not meet the lending guidelines and the loan could be denied. However, if you get a business […]

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Startup Tips September 15, 2016

How to Protect Your Business

Identity theft is a common crime committed against unsuspecting individuals and businesses. While many people focus on protecting their personal identity, business owners should also be concerned with business identity theft because it is a fast growing crime. As your small business becomes more successful, it also becomes more vulnerable. Small businesses have a higher […]

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Startup Tips September 13, 2016

Developing Relationships With Vendors

Almost every business depends on vendors, product manufacturers, or wholesale distributors to keep their company thriving. Building vendor relationships is important for the success of your business. You can begin developing strong relationships with vendors by making sure each one understands your needs and goals. Keep communication clear with your vendors by dedicating a single […]

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