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Employees December 22, 2014

Paying Wages and Benefits

Although you may try to go it alone in the beginning, some businesses may necessitate that you hire employees in order to get your business off the ground. Whether you have one employee or 50, setting up a payroll system not only streamlines your ability to stay on top of your legal and regulatory responsibilities […]

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Taxes December 18, 2014

Deductible Education Expenses

You may deduct the cost of “ordinary and necessary” expenses paid for employee education and training. You may also deduct the cost of education for the business owners if you can show that it “maintains or improves skills required in your trade or business,” or that it is required by law or regulations for maintaining […]

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Marketing Tips December 11, 2014

Marketing Your Business

Today there are numerous ways to advertise and market your business to your customer base. But it takes time and money to design and create business logos, pamphlets, brochures, websites, social media campaigns, and print and broadcast ads. Be sure to think about the expenditures for both internal and external communications, including telephones, fax machines, […]

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Business formation December 8, 2014

Creating a Business Name and Logo

For many entrepreneurs, building a successful startup begins with an idea for a product or a service. You may not turn your attention to a name and logo until weeks or months later, and when you do, you may be uncertain about how to proceed. Avoid making the creation of  a name and logo an […]

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Taxes December 3, 2014

Start-up Cost Tax Deductions

  Did your business incur expenses before you were technically “open for business”? Did you know that you can write off some of these expenses against your business as soon as you are operational? You may deduct up to $5,000 in start-up costs in your first year in business. This deduction is restricted if you […]

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