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Business formation August 16, 2016

Structuring For Longevity

Starting a business has endless possibilities, however, it’s important to focus on the right things to increase your chances for successful growth. First, establish strong financial controls, so that you have accurate information to make decisions. Second, minimize distractions. You, as an entrepreneur, need to focus on overseeing the big picture, such as developing new […]

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Legal June 17, 2016

A Must Have for All Real Estate Investors

Real estate investing can be very lucrative for the savvy investor. Any investor that’s making a decent return on their investment from real estate should be concerned with lawsuits and privacy. A great tool for landlords and real investors to use for privacy and protection is the Real Estate Privacy Trust, also known as a […]

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Credit Tips May 12, 2016

Improve Your Business Credit Score with These Tips

Improve Your Business Credit Score with These Tips Start-ups and first time entrepreneurs might not understand the value of building business credit, or how to build business credit. A Business credit line is important because it enables you to get funding for expanding and developing your business. Throughout the life of a company, the need […]

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Business formation April 26, 2016

5 Tips for a Successful Partnership

Business partnerships can be some of the most successful types of businesses because they have the talents and passion of more than one person behind the business. However, business partnerships are also like marriages and some of them don’t work out. That’s why finding the perfect partner to go into business with is a task […]

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Business formation April 19, 2016

Purpose of a Buy-Sell Agreement

Do you have a business partnership or are you considering forming one? Owners of closely held businesses and partnerships should be concerned about their partners. What happens if one dies, becomes disabled, bankrupts or divorces? What would happen if your partner suddenly left the business and wanted their share of the business? A buy-sell agreement […]

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