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Legal February 24, 2020

How to Avoid Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement was cut and dry before the internet and more difficult to accomplish. Now, thanks to modern technology, the rules have become complicated and muddled. Because of this, many people commit it blindly. But whether done maliciously or innocently, if someone files a lawsuit against your business for copyright infringement, the courts will only […]

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Marketing Tips February 17, 2020

Capturing the Youth Demographic

Don’t let their age fool you—millennials are a tour de of innovation and social engagement. These days, a teen with an iPhone can be more influential than an email campaign from a Fortune 500 company. When it comes to consumer marketing, the youth demographic is the one to please .  Sadly, businesses either fail to take […]

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Startup Tips February 10, 2020

How Your Business Can Go Green

Once thought of as a fad for hippies in California, green living and sustainability are now a global initiative. People are so passionate about the environment, that 55% of consumers polled in a global survey said they’re willing to pay more for goods and services from companies that have environmentally friendly business practices. Translation: going […]

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Employees February 6, 2020

How to Mediate Office Conflict

Starting a business is like starting a family—a huge family comprised of people from diverse backgrounds with different hopes, dreams, ambitions, stressors, hang-ups, and quirks. Put all these differences under one roof, and like in any family, office conflict is bound to arise. Unfortunately, few businesses know how to properly handle conflict. They either ignore […]

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Personal Developement January 30, 2020

What to Avoid When Working for Free to Build Your Brand

It’s a classic catch-22 scenario: You need experience to get clients, but you can’t get clients because you don’t have experience. This is a frustrating situation to be in as a small business owner trying to build your brand, but it’s not uncommon. One way that new business owners get over this hump, is to do a few […]

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